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Got ITB Syndrome


I have been in denial since March of 2009 shall I say that I have been feeling this “niggle” that was irritating me on my first Marathon training.  It wasn’t too bad by that time, it was just a knee pain.  Which I think is normal from my increased training routine that time.

I have been taking Glucosamine and it just went away.  After the Marathon in April, during the recovery week, It came back, but I know it will go away since it went away last March just by taking the Glucosamine supplements.  June, I ran another Marathon, just 7 weeks after my first one, and that was very evidently sore after that run, including my ankles.  It did not go away just like April and March.  I was taking it slow no long runs, it is winter, not until the last two consecutive half marathons i did in Sri Chinmoy and Hunter Valley, July, I don’t think this is right.  I have been dreaming literally in my sleep about not running the City to Surf so I told myself that morning I woke up I should go to the Physio.

After months of neglecting of what I thought of a runner’s knee, I went to my favorite Physio, Doyle’s at Pyrmont, to confirm and verify what this pain really is.  My Physio confirmed it is ITB after number of twisting and bending and pressing and massaging both legs to check what it is, she said “You have ITB.”

I told her that ITB is only when it runs all through out your leg isn’t it? And she says not necessarily.  SO there you go! and most runners who got ITB would not be allowed to run after some time.  I was lucky she told me she want me and she is positive I still can do the City To Surf on August 9, 2 weeks after the check up.  When I am almost going out of the clinic another runner has the same problem … and he also wants to run City to Surf!

Since the pain was very evident I have been swimming and doing weights/strenthening excercises.  I will try to do some running on Sunday or Monday, a slow and easy one before City to Surf.  I have been doing ice and hot compress and taking glucosamine everyday, and applying Voltaren and Bencorub on the affected area.  I am positive I would run City 2 Surf.

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