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Sidelines at Sutherland to Surf 2009


There are two races on July 26, Sunday.  There is the Sutherland to Surf and the M7 Marathon.

I was deciding months ago of doing the M7 Marathon relay Marathon, however, since I did two consecutive half marathons of not too great results, I was upto doing the Sutherland to Surf 11Kms which I havent done, and I was told that this is a run most runners get a 11KM PB.  BUT, due to an unknown injury I have been denying since last weekend I decided to stay in the sideline of this event to be a cheerer, supporter and photographer.

I was also confirmed by Sissi days before the race she will join us too so that is great.  The logistics for us to get there is to take a train to the start line.  Since this is not a lap race but a point point, we were told that there will be buses that will shuttle participants to the start venue.

However, Saturday Arvo, I got a call from John D of Woodstock who just got back from Holidays in Asia and I happen to ask if he is going to the S2S and he said he is planning.  And so we were happy we will be able to hitch with him to the event.

Got picked up at 715, not wearing my running clothes, but geared with backpack of change clothes, cameras, sunnies and money.  Called Sissi that we are at the Registration area to pick up bibs and so we were met by her.  The guys had their warm up and stretching, I was left with the treasures (wallets and phones and clothes) and hoping to catch them finish at Wanda Beach.


The walk started at 830.  And the run started at 900am.  I had to find a good area without being knocked off from the stampede.  And the horn was sounded.  It was a scramble of legs just like a stampede in the African bush.  I positioned myself close to a 4×4 SUV just in case they run in the sidewalk which they did, and not just a few but lots that it was hard to cross so I did have to brace for my dear life and injured knee holding to te possessions of Terry, John and Sissi.


Anyway the crowd did clear up and i did walk to the train station where I passed the staff of the organizers collecting the used clothing used to warm themselves at the start to be given for donation.



Gorilla Running


Runaway brides ... who are mostly single I learned!

The train is not going to make it before Terry and John will finish I am afraid! and There are no taxis around :(.  I got in Cronulla by train at 55 minutes after 9 or after the 11 KM run started.  John and Terry is finished andnot yet Sissi but I still need to walk to Wanda beach which is around 12 min brisk walk.  It was a cold cold day so I feel bad having the clothes with me they must be really cold! and so the money they will notbe able to get their coffee and drinks!

Anyway I got there and I saw the Woodstock gathered at the Baggage area where we converged.  It was like finding a pin in a haystack looking for Sissi.  I am glad she wore her blue visor and i remember she was wearing a gray shirt!


It was a festive event, however I heard that the category winners got ripped off with the prices and only got certificate and a lemonade! for a 40 AUD registration and 7000 runners!  We just wish that the remaining proceeds really go to the Wanda Beach Life Saving Club.

Im proud of my friends that finished and to those who had PBs.

The winner of the event finished the course in 31:xx minutes.

Results be posted tonight
Official Photos

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