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R4yL June’July Issue Philippines


June and July period is almost over and I haven’t published this blog yet!

Now I can say I am bludging and able to get this done.  And the August September Issue is out of the magazine I was wanting to write about.

First time I heard from Brendan that the Australian Running Magazine, Run 4 Your Life featured Philippines as a running destination I was excited to read the article and get a copy of the magazine.  I was looking around but I can’t get one.  I contacted Brendan a few times If i can borrow his copy but Either he or me forgets about it.
write about.

Finally 3 weeks ago, I am able to get hold of one.  And well because i have been busy It is just now that I am able to share the delight to see that my country was featured on a foreign running mag!  Here it is (Click on the 2nd and 3rd image to read the article):



Also surprised that they referred to bullrunner’s link on the King of The Road event. 🙂

This is good publicity.  Although I find Boracay overrated.  It is a nice place to go, but There are a lot more than just Boracay to Philippines.  Its 7107 islands! and there are a lot of running routes that can be done here.

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  1. 27/07/2009 7:58 am

    Cool. I have seen many foreign nationals who join races. I get emails too from them asking where to run when they arrive in the country. Im sure by word of mouth, they can help promote the country as a runner’s destination. And by 2010, there will be more international marathons for them to feast.

    True, Philippines is a good place to visit, run and for holidays! Thanks Jinoe

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