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Sri Chinmoy Race: Dolls Point 09


After having missed the last Sri Chinmoy Race at Cooks River as I decided to run the Bay to Bay at Central Coast, NSW, now I made sure, even of just having had ran 14KMs farthest this week or even if it means that I need to commute going to the venue, I did wanted and feel I wanted to race this week.  Specially if I had planned and registered to run the half Marathon in Hunter Valley and I havent been training, I should at least run this.

Then I learned that Brendan and Tony decided to run this too and Brendna s offered us to stay at his place to make it easier to get to the veue.  However we decided to just stay home and be picked up at the most convinient train station near the race area.

Set off at home 12 minutes after 6, as bus leaves at 618.  At 619 I was afraid that there are no bus coming again on a weekend and its Sunday.  A few seconds after the bus arrives.  We got to central 20 minutes before the train to Kingsgrove.  Arrived at Kingsgrove 713 a minute late of what I told Brendan.  Saw them as soon as we set our foot at the platforms and that was a good and convinient way i found.

The parking was full and it was difficult to find a parking space.  We parked few hundred meters from the start so we had to walk quick plus again the coffee and the V-energy drink is causing me to rush to the toilets.

Relieved after that, I met with the rest of the Woodstock were met by Barry and Kerry and Peta.  Then we saw Thalia and Emanuel and Larissa.

Few minutes at 8am the Half Marathon runners gathered at the start for briefing.  Race master did the go signal and off we go.  It as a pretty flat course I find towards the start. I know I will not be racing this run best aim was to finish it in sub 2 hours as i do not want to stuff up my half marathon the weekend after at Hunter Valley Running  Festival.  I told myself that its better to not run this faster and able to still run Hunter Valley.

I knew i wasnt pacing myself well that morning.  I went too quick in first half.  I was energy wise okey but cant feel knee niggles and muscle cramping on second half.  The route was almost flat around the bay but the winter weather and the breeze coming from the water gave me athritic shivers in my bones! It was cold and I was just on shorts and the club’s bra top.  I checked the weather before heading to bed that it says cloudy, but the weather on race day was cold and there were showers.

I was wanting I wish I was just sleeping when the rain started to shower at least it did not pour as I am not looking forward to getting wet in the cold weather.

The route was flat …not! We had to cross the San Souci bridge, which I thought was one time as I did not check the race route prior then I saw runners running the opposite direction on the other side of the bridge.  So it made it back and forth plus even i was in denial I knew we were coming back for another pass on that bridge as the markers are of lap one measurement, so that makes it 4 x  since it is two laps. I wasnt looking forward to it the 2nd lap.  I remember this bridge when we did he training run from Rozelle to Cronulla but we did it once and I know i was doing it slowly too.

At second lap on our way home, I was trying to stay as far as I can from the Female Sydney Strider, Joyce Lam, as i always have been far ahead of her in SMC series yet now it seems like she was sticking with me just for 5 meters away from me.  At 200 meter to finish I tried to sprint, then she caught up with me and I had that puking feeling so i did not push and let her go.

I did not know what time i finished as my watch has stuffed up again.  But later in the day I learned from the results that I finish stil on goal time. slower than the SMH Half marathon.

I know next weekend is tougher and i might end up finisihng it at 1:50.  I will try to finish it in less than 1:50 if i can.

Congratulations to Brendan who won 2nd in the Half Marathon and to Kerry in her age category at 10KM even she wasnt happy about that run.

Time: 1:49:21
Distance: 21.1 KM
Location: Dolls Point, NSW

Half Marathon
10 Km

5 Km

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  1. 03/08/2009 1:48 am

    You are really fast! 😀 Hope the injury is healing fast. BTW, I didn’t get to reach the time we agreed on for my Milo run. I’ve learned I still have lots of running/training to do. But as they say, “enjoy the journey.”

    haha thanks Roselle. Still not fast enough 🙂 More training, and hope to be injury free!

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