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Shoal Haven King of the Mountain


It’s winter and I feel slack as of the moment for joining races and my recovery from the last marathon was not as fast as summer.

There’s not much races too lately that suits me. The past few sundays are trail runs which I am afraid not yet ready to run.

Brendan sent an email to the Woodstock Runners for those who are wanting lift to the Shoal Haven King of the Mountain race. It is a 32 KM race down the mountains in south coast. Call me soft but i knonw I wasn’t running this event. But then agoan, I have no plans on that weekend so I thought why not go and travel with brendan and Tony and just take pictures of them and cheer for the team. So I sent a reply to Brendan expressing him it would be nince to come with them only if no if no one has expressed their interest to run and ride with him. He said so far no one has emailed him aside from me. I like road trips and being away and seeing other parts of a place so this is also a good opportunity to see the other part of NSW.

Bren suggested that we sleep over at his place on that Saturday so it makes it easier on the travel. So we were picked up by him at home and he set up our bed. Before going to sleep we were looking at the race of the race and it does look like its hard with steep inclines. And we were comparing it to the upcoming Hunter Valley Marthon which also looks like as a very difficult course of andulating and steep hills. Even if I have not seen the course gradient, I know I am not ready to face that Mountain. Anyway, they would not call it King of the Mountain for nothing.

We decided to set off from his place at 6am just enough time toarrve before race start at 9am. I decided to do a 16KM run for C2S training around Kangaroo Valley where the race ends while waiting for them to finish. I have been to this area as far as Kiama before. Its a very nice country side of cows and narrow road beside the coast. On the travel big steep there were two big steep mountains on ecah side and we were making bets which is is the race. No one of the two ran this event before so non one knows! We arrived 40 minutes before the race starts. We stepped out of the car and it was freezing! I was shaking with the cold weather. Well i forgot its the mountains so I should have rugged up. The registratuon area starting to build with mountain runners.

Everyone looks strong. I could not believ that Tony is doing annother moutain running after running a 25 Km trail run in Woodford to Glenbrook a week after. So with Michelle who even had a fall from the last race and is running this race! makes me really S-O-F-T!


This race starts at Cambewarra, 10 minutes drive from Nowra, via a series of bitumen and gravel roads over Mount Scanzi finishing in the historic township of Kangaroo Valley.

So at 9am the partcpants gathered at the race started and the horns was sounded off. Terry and I drove down towards the finish to the town of Kangaroo Valley.


Kangaroo valley is famous for campingn and kayakingn. It was a down windingsteep road to the valley. No way we could have ran this from the Cambewarra where the race started as there is no side walk or cycle paths. It dangerous.

We arrived at the town 20 minutes after and saw witches hat so I figured out to just follow it as this would be few meters to the finish. Parked the car and we set off to ran towardsthe farms, B&Bs and the bridge. I do not know what’s wrong but i wasn’t feeling the best in sy that we had torunning form that we have to stop and walk. I felt low in energy foodwise. Anyway we had good views of the country and wennt under the bridge were one of the kayak tours start. And caught a few kayakers.


Dead poor wombat




Its about 11am and I was estimating that the first runner will be heading to the finish soon. We ran towards the finish chute and a bit stirred the marshalls that they thought we were the first runners to arrive. hah! we don’t even look tired! Just as we arrived the finish the announcer got radioed that the first runner is almost back the finish.


We made around 6.20 KMs from our run. Brendan was telling bout this runner at the start that he came 3rd from the last 6 foot track.  He won the race.


And he few minutes behind we see Tim Cochrane, a fellow Thursday Night training, coming second.


We were estimating Brendan to be at top 10, either 5th or 7th place. Soon enough here he comes 5th to finish!

DSCF5348We went back to where the car is parked and hoping to see Anthony on the way but no. we are gettingn worried as he was compllaining he had bad legs after the last run last week. as we head back to the finish, we heard that the first female runnenrs are arriving, then Tony was behind the 1st and 2nd placer females!


He was okey he said. We waited till Michelle Warren came back and finished.


As when Brendan learned that he woulndt be getting any awards we deicedd to go eat lunch. We headed to a nice pub called. Where we had beers, the guys had burgers and chips and I had my Shcnitzel and chips. Then we head home at 3pm.

Race results

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  1. m8parco permalink
    14/07/2009 11:58 pm

    Nice race. You should run it for fun at a nice easy pace.

    Regards Mark

    Thanks Mark. I will next year! 🙂

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