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Manly Soft Sand Classic 2009 – Cancelled


The Manly Wharf  Hotel Soft Sand Classic race has been cancelled!

Yes it is.  Last year I planned to ran this however due to logistics and still new to the City i am not able to make it.  I was planning to run this as it is a good pace for me not to run faster after 4th week of recovery from a Marathon to my disappointment it is cancelled. Totally cancelled this year.

First it was postponed.  That was the same weekend when our team when for the River Mcleay Marathon in South West Rocks so I thought I would miss it.  However it was postponed on June 28.

Days before the race I decided to register and sign up as I also sent Sissi heads up I will be in his area on that Sunday and for her to cheer the runners in front of their balcony, I found out it was cancelled.  the website says: “All entrants will be contacted and will have the choice to either donate their entry fee to the club (and receive a tax deductible receipt) or to request a refund.”


Sissi who leaves meters away from the beach was telling me about the sand was washed away when there was heavy downpour of rain and high tides came few weeks ago.  So its not probably a good idea to hold the event and so I rang the race organizer telling me its totally putt off on this season.  I hope Manly get their sand back.

That’s it for me now, its winter not much race suited for me as of the moment so a relaxed run on the weekend and save rego money for this week.

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