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Bay To Bay


Its one of the weekends that the runaholic in me get so excited having three races in this Sunday.

Its the last race for the season for the Sydney Marathon Clinic, cheaper and longer runs at 30KM, which I planned to do however its also the …
Sri Chinmoy Race 2 at Cook’s River is also on, and I already did a prepaid registration on this but …
Bay To Bay at 12KM distance is on at Central Coast where Terry is from and I am training him since he expressed his intent to run his first City2Surf on August and we even got him to the RedBib start group so we will be running together, and it will be a good training distance for him a month before the C2S.

The Bay To Bay run has its good cause as well, as all its proceeds go to the Shirley Shuttle Project.  The Shirley Shuttle project is an organization that transports cancer Patients for free on the area of Central coasts from home/Hospital  to Hospital.  This has been started by Barbara Galvin of Tascott. Barbara’s mother, Shirley, passed away from cancer and in 2006 Barbara decided to use the money left to her by her mother to purchase a bus to assist people undergoing treatment for cancer. The service, known as the Shirley Shuttle Bus, operates five days a week transporting cancer outpatients to treatment centres located on the Central Coast, and is celebrating its first anniversary.

The most favoruable on points to consider, I decided to Run the Bay to Bay which is also at his area in Central Coast.  We were not able to register on early bird so Registration will be on the day.  Went to central coast Friday evening.  It has been raining since Friday and Saturday.  Cold dark wet weather that makes you want to spend the day indoor.

Even because of the weather and being been stressed at work, I have been having sniffles and it did felt worse Saturday as i felt asthmatic and dry cough building up.  I was having a bad feel of not running the Bay to Bay race with a chesty feeling and if it will be raining hard.

Those were the signs I asked, should I ran or not.  If I don’t feel really well and if it is raining hard, I will not be racing.

Woke up at 530 AM alarm, got ready, showered, had coffee and a toast.  We will be taking the train to the start.

The Bay to Bay Run starts from Woy Woy to Gosford.  Its a 12KM run around the Brisbane waters along the road and the bike path.

As the train progress to the start venue, the train is getting filled by runners as you will know on their gear/clothes and some of them are wearing the Event shirt and their race bibs already.

We reached WoyWoy at 730 so we have to find where the registration are as it is only open till 745, plus we will still need to do the stretches and warm up and the queue to the loo.  I guess the warm up looking for the Rego area jogging and dawdling around so much participants did the warm up.  Registered, shedded our warm clohtes, pinned our bibs, and queued for the dunny.  As usual the female toilets is busy and so Terry had the chance to put the bag at the transport van.  Saw John Dawlings looking for his friend and kid to leave his warm clothes as well.  Three minutes before the start I am next in line, just after I came out from the Toilet, the marshalls are already calling out runners from the dunny for the start. From the foot of the bridge they fired the gun.

We just made it.  It was a dawdle on start, so much runners/and walkers that you will have to wind yourself on a comfortable space and we needed to run on the sidewalk and careful not to trip on someone else’s legs and feet.

I did need to remind myself that I am running and pacing Terry for his first 12KM race.  That he kept on telling (and whinging) that I was going too fast. And there were times he would gain back his energy and tell me I was going too quick myself.

Along the way I can see a Woodstock top, and it was Lesley Maher so I cried her name out as we went passed her.  And ahead of us we can see another Woodstock singlet which I can recognize the running style, it’s Dierdre.  I did want to catch up with her but i needed to pace myself slower.  Anyway, I should not be speeding too much as I am still recovering 2 weeks after a marathon ;-), so It should be an easy pace.

It is relatively flat with a few short hill and number of inclines when crossing some small bridges.  It is very well participated.  Young, old, very young kid even  running ahead of me and Terry! We passed a number of runners so that’s good enough.  We were going negative splits on the first half and Terry thinks its too fast.  We will just need to be at the finish at least an hour after the gun shot.  We were running on constant pace on the 7th KM and I can feel that the cold/flu tablets I have been taking a day before is taking effect on have been drying my throat so it is not good.

We can see the finish within an eye shot which kept us going.  And we are there and we heard countdown on the sub 1 hour and we knew are bout to finish an hour or more.  Few hunderd more meters I see Terry moving ahead of me quicker so I told him go for it, but he said that is his all, I felt the same.  Its not just me not sprinting on the finish with all the crowds! Seeing the crowds, the finish chute less than 200m away and two female runners, one behind me and one in front of me, I decided to just sprint and give it all.  Saw the clock and its 1:01:26.  Not too bad at all.  The last 12Km I did was a bad one at 1:02 Cross country at Sri Chinmoy during the Marathon Training days!  Terry finished 4 seconds after me.





The event was well timed as we were using timing ankle thingies even though they took the Gun time, I am pleased with my run and results.  Considering I am not 100% well too.  The event was well organized, they had water and fruit at the end.  Banans, Watermelon and oranges.  Also some bikkies, coffee and tea for free.  Some sausage sizzle too but for sale :p.

We catched up with Dierdre, Lesley and John and took some photos.  Then the weather started to drizzle for a mean time and we decided to stay on for the presentation and might win something in the Raffle draw.

Go WOodies! Terry, Me, Lesley, Dierdre(PB), John (PB)

Stayed on the raffle draw but did not win anything really but they did a scramble for registration for the Hunter Valley running festival next July and Terry was able to grab a 6.5 Km race free registration.

Not too sore after the race, but the knees that has been bothering me since the first marathon was still there and a bit of right hip pain.  Happy to have paced with someone for prepping him on his first City2Surf which is 14Kms.

The event was won by the City2Surf winner Martin Dent beating the local defending champion Robbie Mathews.  It was well particpated of 1788 Registrants and 1600 finishers.

Event: Bay To Bay Run
Location: WoyWoy to Gosford, Central Coast, NSW
Distance: 12KM
Time: 1:01:26 – PB

Photos by Abbey Digital Photography

grabbed running photos again without buying, credits all belong to Abbet Digital Photography

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  1. 23/06/2009 2:59 am

    Hi Chaia. Congratulations on the 12K despite not feeling well. Also, congrats to Terry! Sometimes, my best efforts are when I’m not feeling at 100%. Sounds like they had a great turnout. It reminds me of the early Bay To Breakers days.

    This definitely should be a great preparation for City 2 Surf. Please take care.

    Thanks Wayne! It was good for the organization having been well participated by the community. Take care yourself too!

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