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Got a new job!


… not.  Its actually a new responsibility.  Additional responsibility away from what I really do as a career.  Starting June 2009, I will be working as the Editor of the Woodstock Runner’s Newsletter the “The Woodstock Runddown.”

To be a journalist was actually one of my dream jobs when I was in High school, amongst other jobs.  I love working for the school paper starting as a Feature Editor and I climbed the ladder up.  Enjoyed most the Press conferences we represent the school and win for the school.  Then in Uni days I contributed in the College’s newsletter if I can.  My parents just thought it is not a practical job that will make me “successful.”

I know I am not a perfect English grammar writer however I just like writing my thoughts.

Now being an editor for The Rundown, I never realized it is very tasky.  I get help from rest of the Woodies like Dot Siempmann collects the race results for me, Brendan who was my predecessor is my Adviser, Kerry Bray sends me regular contributions and Colin Townsend gives me bits and peices of Information I can put in the paper.  Thankful for the technoly today that yo can use publisher to lay out, copy paste and print to PDF! (edited 16/06/09 – forgot to include printing them out, folding, putting them to envelopes, stamping them with return address, labelling and mailing them! whooo! Brendan i know what you meant “pain” about this!) I can remember the days when we have to use dummy sheets , type articles on a typewritter, edit, proof-read, print for layout finding fonts whoo! it is much easier this days!

The lot on its way to the post office!

The lot on its way to the post office!

Anyway, I take this new role as a hobby tobreak the monotony of my techie task.

I am still learning but here is my “maiden” issue.


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