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Bankstown Fun Run: Heart of the Lake


It was so tempting to just stay at the coast tho at Saturday night as it was pouring, cold and it was perfect … perfect for bed weather!  However, I had a thought of it and I was looking forward to running this Sunday, so off to Sydney we go.

By 645, we were already picked by John then we headed to Bankstown.  We stopped at a mackass and had our caffein fix.  As we reached or nearly reached the event menu, the rain started pouring.  We sat at John’s car around 5 minutes, lwhilst I was singing in my mind “rain, rain go away.”  And it just seem rain died down a bit but not completely stopping.

We decided to brave and run towards the registration booths.  Saw Brendan and Dot, thenurd Kerry, Emmanuel and Derek.  I went to go do my clark kent-change and it started raining again. It is going to be horrible running in cold temperature while its raining and I wore my bra top asI used my other singlet last Saturday’s handicap.

10 minutes to start the running god decided to stop the rain and bring a lil bit of sunshine.  As we prepared ourselves in the grassy start mats.  Then started with a whistle.

HOTL Start 2009

Never have ran this fun run but I was told it do have a couple of up hills … then so with down hills.  John compares it to Gladesville bridge to bridge run so I was psyching myself with that.  It was a yucky start on swampped grass making our shoes wet and socks and so we have to drag extra weight on our shoes because of the water.  Along the route were more swampped walk way, with mud.  I was trying to avoid it at first but then it will just waste milliseconds of my time going around and making effort leaping and avoiding this obstacles.

2-06-2009 6-45-04 AM

Then came the first hills followed by hill and inclines one after another.  Some are a bit steep so tempting to walk it but I did not and did smaller steps instead.  Downhills were recover, however after recovering a few meters ahead is another uphill wishing you will never come back to it again on the next lap, which of course we need to.  A couple of runners overtook me and i cannot remember if i did overtook runners, a few but I think most of them gained their positions back.

Coming back from the turnaround, I was counting the female runners to know where I should place myself.  I was hoping to at least get in the 3rd age category group.  I was already dying after 7 kilometers, as two more runners overtook me and a nother lady! However, I knew she wasn’t in my age group so I let it go.  Brendan was waiting at the 2 kilometerish distance to the finish and ran with me encouraging me to keep on running.  I bet I would have slacking off if i was doing it on my own.  My 7 kilometer time was 34:11 so I was estimating a 49ish finish.  It was a push with Brendan telling me I can go for it, even though he already heard me swearing, wheezing and oh i was having stiches since the roundabout.  The last Km was a struggle, my lungs were puffed.  then at 200 meters to finish from pavement to grass, Brendan stopped and told me to sprint sprint sprint! It was so impossible, I felt i cant breathe anymore and wet grass, splashing.  Looking at the time to the mat hoping to get in the mats at 48:30.

It was a puking feeling finish, took me a few seconds to recover breathing normally.  All runners looked dirty and wet as if we just finished an adventure race!  I was getting really cold so i went to change as we waited for our senior runner Derek White, and the awarding ceremonies start.  We were scoffing bananas and oranges while waiting as there were heaps of fruits.  They were also selling cheap sausages on bread, tea and coffee.  So we kept our selves filled and warm.

Then the awarding ceremonies started.  As they finished awarding the top 3 winners for the 10 and 3 km distances for males and females, Derek came in and everybody was clapping and cheering for him.  As soon as he heard everyone’s cheering he started pickin his pace up to the finish.  I can not imagine myself yet running at 81 year old! He is such an inspiration.  As I always use this mates to people who are unfit/unhealthy and think they can not do any efforts to be healthy.

Most Woodstock bagged some blingage and made it to the top 10 of their respective age category.  Brendan Davies-4th outright, 1st age category, Kerry Bray-1st Age category, Dorothy Siepmann-2nd age category (It was just Kerry and Dot running on that age category), Derek White won gift vouchers for a 3 night accomocation on a resort, John Dawlings won one of the best draws which is a box of fruits and veggies.  I got 2nd place at first for the age category, however Kerry’s daughter Ellen knew the first female was alreay an outright winner in third, so they had that fixed while i was still enjoying a Silver which is not bad, then they re-awarded the medals I got gold as i returned my silver, I am happy.  Loathing, considering that most of the Woodies gave their best on their 7KM handicap run on the day before this race.

It was an awesome run.  Organized, well marshalled, enough water on water stations.  Very good raffle prizes, authentic medals with their Woodrunner emblem.  The only bit issue was the stuffing with the rankings as I was told happened again last year where outrights shouldn’t be already awarded on age categories.  And number of us thinks the official time was 5 seconds or less more than what we timed ourselves.  Aside from that, I think the race was very good with the challenging route.  Everyone left happy.   This was organized by the Western Harriers

Event: Heart of the Lake Run
Location Bankstown, NSW, Australia
Distance: 10KM
Time: 48:35 Mins 1st Age category/10 f/overall

Results 10KM
Results 3KM

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  1. 02/06/2009 2:51 pm

    Wow congratulations on your podium finish! Terrific run! 🙂 48:30 is a phenomenal time! 🙂 It must be sooo nice to run on grass and in terrific weather. Hopefully I could run a race like that one day 🙂 Take it easy!


    Thank you Luis! haha, it was not that terrific weather before the run, and running on grass is more friendlier to your body, legs, ankles, as it strengthens them and impact is lesser for the knees. But it is more effort than running on pavement or asphalt :).

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