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Woodstock Handicap Series 2009: Run 2


After a night of split dinner and drinks for Woodstock Runners who attended the Birthday of a Woodstock speedy mate Bronwyn at Town Hall in Balmain while the others joined the Awards night of the Sydney Striders at Star City, the Woodstockers on May 30 at 730am had to wake up on a very chilly autumn morning to do the Handicap Run #2 at the Bay Run.

As the usual rules, we nominate an estimated time to finish the 7 KMs around the bay when you are to finish.  I was not sure what to nominate because of the dinner/night event the night before, and i know performance always is effected when you drink too much and lack of sleep.  However I do not want to miss the handicap, since I havent been running Saturdays and it is a good way to see Woodstock mates who run at Saturdays.

Last handicap I nominated a time of 35 and I won that Handicap for beating closest to the nominated time by 59 seconds!

I am a bit nervous putting 34 seeing Mark O’Donell nominated that time, I know he is faster than me, and i am bad pacing with someone who is faster than me as I get pushed in running faster in the first bit ending puffed and buggerred in the second half not wanting to run and finish the race!

Terry wanted to run as he did not go to work as it was raining, he said he will be running at 33-34 minutes, so that is good.

I started 30 seconds after Jeff and Rick who nominated 35 mins.  I caught up with them at around 1 Km it is hard though! I was working hard I know it.  I do not see any Woodstocks after Jeff and Rick not until when I reached the Leichardt Pool area where I caught with a few runners.  But before that even, I was being followed by a footstep behind me which kept pushing me to run faster.  I did not want to look back as I get intimidated, I just wanted to say “whoever you are following me, identify yourself!” not until before the Sailing Club, this footstep passed me! Surprised to see it was Rick! He was speeding in his usual relax running form.  He breezed and I was wanting o keep up to make sure I am just 30 seconds behind him.  I lost him! I couldn’t find him after the KG park.

Then I wanted to overtake Max as I already saw him, and I did catch him at the small hill towards the path under the Iron cove bridge.  Traffic under the bridge was hectic.  It was hard climbing the stairs and still running on a fast pace after.

Finishing behind Tami and Tristan at 32:xx (be updating when results are out).  I am 1:xx minutes off my nomination but I am happy for another PB.  We finished off by a good sausage sizzle, cakes and awarding of prizes.  Thanks Colin for organizing the run and Deirdre, Lesley and David for the barbi!

Event: Woodstock Handicap 2, 2009
Distance: 7 KM
Location: Bay Run
Time: 32:51 – PB


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