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SMH Half Marathon Part 2: Around 8398 Finishers



Lap two timer

Lap 2.  Then off to our 2nd lap, crossing the start mat, I was happy to see my first 10 KMs at 47.16  I am just a bit worried if I would be able to keep up the next 10.5 Kilometers.

I was doing fine, not until down Kent Street, I can feel my Glutes’ pain, and quad’s burning already it was the same time Martin from Coolrunning passed me and said Hi.  I slowed down conserving energy as I knew the hill is yet to come and I wouldn’t want to walk that.  At the Hill, I was overtaken by the 1:45 pacers.  I am surprised I was actually doing the 1:45.  I was happy and wanting to be running with their pace however the pacers left me, then came next the 1:50 pacers whom I thought are way too fast for the other runners following them.  I knew it wasn’t 1:50 as they left me again! That was disappointing for runners who were looking forward to be paced.

Aside from that my watch went haywire.  It must have picked up someone’s foot pod signal that it reset its timing I thought, but now I realized, it went minutes back as It did not show how much hours I was already running as I reached the 60th minute.  I turned it off to watch mode instead and I knew If I was nearing to 930am that means 2 hours for me.


The leader


Female Winner, Vernon

I am so done with the 2nd lap on Hunter’s hill and I an relieved, and tried to sped up again, and seeing at the domain a east asian female, who I thought I should be running better than her I tried to catch up with her but she was strong, I tried harder after the drink station I though I lost her But I did not, Not until up back the incline in Domain I think she dropped off, so I was happy, 20th KM a male runner cheers we are almost there, I answered back 1.5 kilometer to go and we are finished, then past him.

Fastest Woodtstock

Fastest Woodstock


2nd fastest Woodstocker

Bronwyn's 2nd Half Marathon and a PB

Bronwyn's 2nd Half Marathon and a PB

Fastest Woodtstock Runners on Team 1

I can see the start mats now, and runners on the turn around to the finish at Hyde Park, It felt forever reaching the finish line.  I did not know how many runners passed me and how many runner I passed.  At Hyde park there we so much cheeres and it was tough dawdling with other runners sprinting to the finish.  The banners too were confusing me which were was the finish line as I felt It was forever.  I stepped on the first mat around 1:47ish hour but that wasn’t the finish yet I thought I finished at 1:48:01.  I was happy hearing the announcer saying “Welcome back home!”

Meters to the finish

Meters to the finish, Was following 9726 althroughout the 2nd half

Got my finisher’s medal, then walk towards fresh air trying to find where the rest of the Woodstock are.  I was able to see Thalia, and water station! We went to collect our freebie papers, fruits and GUs.  We saw Lee chatting to another runner.  She was going to Woodstock’s breakfast at Pyrmont, And I was looking for Tezza for my bag.  While I was doing that I saw Steve Laws whom pulled out from the race as he pulled a calf muscle.  Then left and saw Peter who was also looking for the rest of the Woodstocks.  We walked to the side of the Finish not finding them had few minutes under the sun stretching while looking and we headed back to the finish to find them.  Then we saw Belinda, Michelle and Paul.  Then we were found by Brendan who regrouped us to the Woodtock team.

Had our group picture and we headed to Orient Hotel for well deserved alcoholic fuel.  And a fourth away from the pub, someone tapped me by the shoulder and it was hard to recognize this tall cheerful bloke beside us, then I recognized, without his suit, It was Clark kent, err I mean the Marathon Man whi was chatting to us telling me to do the Gold Coast Marathon on July and would see him there again.  He had so much black toe nails I ever have seen in runners! Anyway …

Not so complete Woodstock runners team

Not so complete Woodstock runners team

It was reported that there were 10, 000 registrants, more than 8500 made it to the start and around 8398 finished the race to this 18th year the event was ran.

Olympic Champion runner,Reuben Kosgei, of Kenya who clocked64:18s and a talented female who was bound for deaflympics,Melinda Vernon, timing a 75:26s.  This event is to honor 4 time winner the late cancer victim Kerryn McCann.  Pink Bandanas were also worn to show support the Breast Cancer Council.

One of my inspiration, Audrey Hall, 16, who won last Sunday’s 16KM at Sri Chinmoy won the Under 19th Category place for female.

Consuming a can of V and two GUs along the way, and looking at the results, I am slower than my watch probably because of too much runners you need to fight the space for, and I remember I almost felt the wall 3 Kms away the finish, but looking at the results, I thought I was faster at first lap, it seem like I was faster the 2nd lap.  Speaking from experience, the Marathon last month was a good mental motivation when It was getting a bit physically sore, to have pushed and continued running as I told myself that the marathon was double the pain which I was able to overcomee, so why would I give up on this half pain?

Event: Sydney Morning Herald’s Half Marathon
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Distance: 21.1 KM (Although because you have to go around slower runners than you are, you end up doing at least 21.4-5 KMs!)
Gun Time: 1:48:05 – PB
Net Time: 1:47:12

19-05-2009 9-51-16 AM

SPLIT TIMES split time s/rank race time r/rank activity distance pace speed
10km 00:48:57 00:49:50 RUN 10.00 04:53 12.26
20km 00:52:40 01:42:31 RUN 10.00 05:16 11.39
Finish 00:05:34 01:48:05 RUN 1.10 05:03 11.85

Team results Woodstock: all Male : 14th; All Female: 4th; Mix: 4th; Veterans: 5th.  Too bad we were aiming at least to be on Top 3, maybe next year!


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