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Sri Chinmoy Series, Race 2’09:Iron Cove


There were 3 races on this Sunday in NSW.  It is because its mother’s day and the Mother’s day Classic run is on, which I ran last year on the 4KM distance., 1 in Parramata and 1 in the City but I did ran the Sri Chinmoy Series which I already had registered myself last year for the long distance races.

I did want to jojin the Mother’s day classic to guage should have I improved on that course, although from experience last year, there is too much people running the event.  So I did the Sri Chinmoy aside from it being cheaper you get your fruits and pancakes in the end.

I am not sure how I was going to perform in this race as I was feeling niggles in my right knee lately which I iced teh night before and did benorubbed before leaving the house.  10 meters away from our main entrance I just remembered that I forgot to take in pain killer for the knees! Yet I did not go back I will be fine I told myself.  Plus this is the longest race I have done after the marathon so I do not know if I would be okey speed wise.

Woke up 15 past 6 and got ready before 7am, we were already walking to the race start area near the Leichardt Swimming pool and took us just 10 minutes walk.  Arriving at the race area, there is so little runners converging and not seeing a single Woodstock soul around! So I thought some people would have joined either of the other two races.  20 minutes before teh scheduled start at 8am, the crowd started arriving, so with the woodies.  Lee Baker, Brendan, John Dawlings(who is not racing because of a flu), Tomi(not racing because of an injury but brought her camera and became the official woodie photographer), Linda, Michelle, Martin, Peter, Thalia, Mark O’Donnell, Mark Mericieca, Kerry Bray and Peta and Martin of cool running.

The race started 10 minutes late because of the queue in the dunnies.  The 16KMs went ahead, then 8 and 4.  I stayed at the back of the pack as I do not like being rushed during the start, however there was a bit of build up as soon as we reached the path way of the La Montague and I did have to speed a little to find my space which was a bit challenging.

@8km, 38minxx lap 1

@8km, 38minxx lap 1

The crowd started to spread out, I am constantly being passed by a guy in red shirt, and I was overtaken by at least2 ladies.  I can see Lee around 100m away from me and I wanted to be at least running at where he was.  So at the the 4Km distance I almost reached him, thinking bout what he told me last monday about everything is mental of passing people.  At 4Km I was timing at 18Mins so I knew I was running under 5min/KM which I am not sure If i could keep up with this distance.  I tried and reaching the 8KM turnaround at lap 1 I can hear the woodies cheering, specially Thalia’s voice!  She was doing the 4KM, and placed 3rd.  I reached the 8KM at 38mins.  On second lap, i saw one of the 8KM lead runner female encouraging me it felt good.  I was getting a bit puffed on the second lap I wanted to slow down but I did not want to!  Then I saw Martin who told me I am almost on the turn around and just relax.  Tried to relax and did longer strides and deepr breaths.  at 12KM I was still doing the same pace and I was tired and almost giving up and thinking of slowing down.  However I saw the last lady whom overtook me who was just 3 meters ahead of me the whole time after she overtook me and the idea that Lee told me kicked in and I tried to over take him relaxed and longer strides which I was able to as soon as I overtook her I sped off making sure she will not catch up.  I overtook the guy in the red shirt as well and sped off after, trying to listen should have they tried to overtook me back but they did not.  I think Lee’s concept was true.  I mentally beat them.


To the Finish chute! (that Quads making me worry, so unfeminine!) - axn pics courtesy of Tomi

2-3 Kms away to finish, 1 strong lady runner came speeding so I thought I was already in the 11th place for the women, then two male runners.  at 14Km I was estimating I could be finishing at 1:18 or 1:17.  Reaching La montague, I was met by the Fullford sisters (Corrine and Victoria) who was doing the shorter distance and was cheering on me and I added few more speed wanting to get to the finish without slowing down.  200M to the finish I sprinted finishing 1:18’44” in my watch.  I was happy as I beat my last time in November on the same course.  The race was every now and then showered with light rainenough to keep the runners fresh but was challenging for the organizers keeping the pancakes dry :p.

Official results I finished at 1:18’42” 12th female overall.  I could have ran faster today but I ranked far bit from the 8th last year I could say there were  lot of fast runners that day or runners are just getting faster.  The winner last year for the females got beaten and took the 2nd place instead.

I am happy having another PB from last week’s 10 and this Sunday.  I think the interval speed sessions on my Woodies TNT helps, against a few’s opinion that if you are doing longer distances away from 5 and 10 intervals are irrelevant.  I think that thinking is wrong.

Event: Sri Chinmoy, Iron Cove
Location: Iron Cove, NSW, Australia
Time: 1:18:42 – PB


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  1. 13/05/2009 2:08 am

    Chaia, congratulations on the run! I’ve always felt with more runners, the times are faster because you have runners to target.
    Still, there was definitely more competition.

    Take care and have a good week ahead.

    Thanks Wayne! What you said is true. When you run with faster runners they tend to push you harder which is good. It felt great. The female winner is a little girl shorter than me and her strides are long, I wonder how she does that? hehe. You have a good week yourself!

  2. m8parco permalink
    14/05/2009 8:22 am

    Chaia – Congratulations! Ang bilis mo na talaga. Too bad you are not around for the TNF in Sacobia Clark Pampanga. It will a combiantion of lahar, the river and mountain trails.

    Regards Mark

    aww Mark! Still I think I will not be as fast when Ill get back to Manila’s humidity! i’m curiuos anyway how I would i that condition If we think I am faster now. But Yea! Thank you! :)!! I know I am missing so much runs there! Not sure doing the TNF here … 😦 Still I can not do a long off trail run. But by the looks of it…I am missing so much! looking forward to the pictures! Good luck!

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