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Am Back Running and Racing … and a PB!


I am glad the training was over when it started really getting dark already at 5:30PM to do some long runs after the work, compared during the summer That I still can run until 9PM.

It was also timely that work was peaking up after that busy routine of training of the marathon and that caught me from blogging and doing some outdoor runs lately.

I had my first run 1 week after the mara, although I did some cross training 3 days after that run and tried doing a half-mara distance a week and a half after but my legs weren’t strong and recovered well yet as I felt the same “bricking” of my legs at 15KMs so I just finished after the 16th.

That week after, I was talked into joining the Bathurst Half Marathon/10Km or the SMC at Smithfield.  I was tempted but i knew i needed to rest.  But i was convinced by Brendan to race at Homebush last Saturday,2/05/09, a New South Wales State Athletics Championship sponsored by the Sydney STriders.

Brendan was willing to give me and Terry a lift and so we were my by them at Balmain road Corner victoria with Anthony.  We arrived early to be able to registered for the run that starts at 745.  Looking around, you can just see fit and fast people around.  Runners who are there for their State Championship PBs!

So we decided to run behind the pack so I don’t get pressured on going too fast in the first lap.  I was aiming at max a 50Mins time for 10KM.  If not better.

The start was slow almost a jog.  Was running with Terry in the first 6 KM, I did have stitch from the very start of the race which I wanted to tell Terry but I did not want him to slow down and start worrying so I just tried massaging the sticth while running.  The course was mostly flats and bit of incline, and two lapd of a 5 KM course in Homebush near Olympic Park.

There was only one water station in the race which is around the 6KM loop.

I thought I saw and passed Rachel, of Coolrunning, and I saw Lorraine, a fellow woodstock, passed by me flying!

I still can feel my body not fully recovered from the long race two weeks ago.  We were going less than 5 km/min, by 6KM Terry left me and he was like 10-20 meters away from me overtaking runners ahead of him.  I knew I would catch him and I was pacing my self.  Slowly by 7thKM runners are dropping off getting tired as I continue running.  I felt I am goin to do the course at 48 Mins.  just around 600M more I saw Tony and Brendan cheering telling me to go faster, at 500m marker I am nearly home, imagining a track oval and a hundred meters bit more to it in my mind.  I was too tempted to grab a cup at the water station but its just less than 500m more to finish!

So just kept running which felt forever to finish and to see that the finish line was an incline!  There were like 5 of us trying to beat each other in the time, I can remember a lady was tried her best to beat me, which she did just by a second so with Terry who beat me by a second, a PB on his 2nd 10KM race.

I got PB by seconds.  I am happy, considering it was my first race after Canberra.

Everybody got PBs! Tony, Bren, fast Tim, Meow, Terry

Everybody got PBs! Tony, Bren, fast Tim, Meow, Terry

The following day at Sunday is John Dawling’s birthday run, a breaky run called Dawlo’s run.  Was at Cashman’s reserve inBalmain by 713 for the 720 meet.  Met Paul and Barry then suddenly runners came in numbers slowly.  More or less there were 20 runners 6 did the 10KMs and the rest did the 15KM.  I did the 10km for recovery.  we were doing it at round 6-545min/km.  Finished ahead of the runners and had a wonderful breakfast at John’s house of fruits, cereals, muffins, coffee and tea.

Event: NSW State Championship
Venue: Homebush, NSW
Distance: 10KM
Time: 48:09 – PB (49 seconds)


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  1. m8parco permalink
    07/05/2009 1:35 am

    Chaia – Ang bilis mo na talaga. My 10K last week was a 47:44 but it was short by 140meters. buti na lang wala ka dito.


    Congrats nga pala.

    Mark!naku I bet U are still faster than me 🙂 doncha worry! hehe but thanks that you think I’m getting faster. I think its the speed sessions.


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