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Canberra Post Race


I’m having a post depression mood for the race.  The endorphines are running out and my legs are sorer than that from last two days! And I’m not suppose to do any running yet for this week at least!

Before I do my selfish blabbering I wanted to share my thoughts and feedback about the event.

Registration – 8, alright but it could have been easier with online.  I got confirmed within two days after the cut off.
Event Expo – 7, a bit crowded, flow of crowd is uncontrolled, and a bit clattered
Pre-race Pasta Party – Food -8, well organized and good logistics, Guest Speaker was well chosen, venue- abit crowded or room is too small.  Very easy to mail directlythe race organizers to inform them for late entry
Race Kit-8,  Complete with everything
Start chute – 8, Spaciuos well fenced
Toilets-9, its a good thing a few female participants that makes it for the first time the female toilet’s queue almost none compared to the males
Race route – 8.  Challenging enough opposed to what was all rumored that it is flat.  It has its share of small hills and ramps.  Personal supporters on bike are allowed compared to Sydney bridge marathon that you can not.
Water Stations-9.  Brilliant.  For allowing personal refreshments not just for the elite athletes, well staffed by volunteers and I commend the use of water sachets.  I wish most races does this.  Spends them from effort of pouring water, saves plastic or paper cups and it is more than enough too.  Anough energy drink station.  there is just a lack of lollies, and vaseline for the chaffing not that i needed it
Medal: worth the registration and the distance ran.
Finish Chute: Very spaciuos, enough volunteers to take the chips off your shoe, enough chairs where runners can sit while volunteers take off the shoes.  Queue for the recovery food and drinks are not that long
Post race After drinks party-8.  Good venue, near to the race location, except that you have to go down 3 flights of steps to the bar considering it is all attended by marathoners! :p
Volunteers: Enough volunteers and they did a good job on the water stations and no time was wasted handing the runners out the personal refreshments.  They are also enthusiastic of what they were doing while assisting they lift the spirits of the runners.

Im still glad I did and gathered enough courage to do one.   Yes I’m still up to doing another one, despite the pain is seeping through now without my high.  There is a reason why  I ran one, aside from being proud to run the club’s color, and the same reason that pushed me to run and get fitter – whom a few can only understand and know.

The pain you get in a Marathon is just physical.  Mentally you dont get scarred, yet you get challenged.  I am not whingging from the leg pains I have right now because I know there are more painful things in life such as sickness, loss, abuse, and the like and if you think of it, its too selfish for one to complain bout pain you get from running.  What I feel right now is just superficial and physical.  As they say it is harder to heal a scarred spirit than a scarred body.

So what’s the next to run? 🙂

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  1. 22/04/2009 1:51 am

    woohoo! congratulations on your first marathon. galing! ang saya siguro maka sub4. konti na lang pede na BQ time. 😛 try 30mins uber slow runs. it helped to speed up my recovery.

    Thanks Bards! I feel better now on the 3rd day. I am taking it slow. May utang ka pa sa king pictures ha? 😉

  2. 23/04/2009 6:50 pm

    Hey Chaia…you so encourage me to start running too…just difficult to that here in ortigas…well, i know ultra is just nearby. I’ll start in the streets though… 🙂

    Ian, Im happy I inspire you at last!!! 🙂 you were buffed in sometime then you forgot bout it again, I am glad your back to fitness! I have friends and the group I run with when I am in Manila, join H@ppy feet. Keep me updated!

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