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Part 1: Canberra Marathon


By Thursday night, I already started packing my things for the weekend, knowing myself I always forget something everytime I travel.  I did actually have time to pack since its the last week of taper and I ran 9KM++ in the morning which is the last run for the week and a good remedial massage.

By Saturday at 9amish, Sissi rang me and they are already at my area to pick us up.  Sissi and Martin were very nice enough to have offered us a ride to Canberra so I agreed as it was more fun to have rode with them than in a bus, comfort aside, but at least good company to travel with. (Thanks Martin for driving!!)

After a few minutes of dwiddling and arguing with the tomtom how to get to Canberra we managed to go to M5 and started our travel smoothly.    I was a bit sad that a friend and a Woodstock runner John Dawlings sent me an sms when we were almost getting past Goulborn that his car broke down.  He was travelling with his son and son’s friend.  And I was suppose to baby sit the kids while he does the 10KMs but apparently the car was unfixable and not able to make it for his race.  We arrived at the City and had a cheap decent and not so bad pub lunch in the city circle, even I was tempted to drink a glass of beer but I did not.

We were dropped off at our hotel/apartment at Forrest Hotel and Apartments. Which just 10 minutes walk to the event expo, and start and finish and 4 minutes walk and the pre and post race party at Rydges hotel.

After checking-in, we proceeded to the Event expo to get Terry registered for his 5KM, but apparently it started at 3Pm and its already 10 mins past the race and he decided last minute to do the 10KM which he havent done in his life and he only have done a few 5 -7 Kms for a few weeks ago and that’s it.  I was scared for him I just did not tell him as it was his choice and I bet he will finish by 55Mins.

While waiting for 4Pm for the race to start, we got into the Telopea School Gym where the Rego and race pack collection is and collected my race pack, got 2 more GUs and grabbed one of those 4 hour pace bands from Runner’s World Magazine stand.

By 3:30, met the Woodstock who were staked on the sidelines of the finish line to support the 10Km runners.  Met Brendan and Dottie at First then the rest of the gang Martin, Caroline, Anthony, Bronwyn – who was doing the 10Kms, then Mark O’Donnell-10Kms, Thalia Anthony, and Mark Mercieca-10Kms. The Woodies had the Woodstock runner banner draped off the race fence with all the participating runners name on it, I thought it was sweet and thoughtful.

Support group for the 10Km, Anthony Robinson, Martin Amy, Caroline Owen and fast Bronwyn Hager

I never have been a part of cheering for the club and not participating on the event so it was also fun cheering watching the team pass by for 5 laps for the 10Kms.  And below are pictures of the 10Km race.

10KM Start Line

10KM Start Line

Dorothy Siepmann

Dorothy Siepmann

Kerry Bray

Kerry Bray who also is a Jury Panel of the Event

Mark Mercieca

Bron Hager

Bronwyn Hager

Male Winner for the 10KM

Female 10KM winner

Female 10KM winner

After the race, we waited for the raffle and Terry got his bib number picked and got an Asics dry fit cap.  We then went to the pre-race pasta dinner party which was graced by the guest Speaker, Steven Jackson who just finished the Marathon De-Sables in Sahara Dessert in Morroco.  His words about not doing a DNF was echoing in my mind until the race.  The dinner menu has so much food. Pasta, bread, soup, salad and desert.

last minute carbo-loading

last minute carbo-loading

One of our Woodie mates, Jeff Marounga was celebrating his birthday that night so he had the crowd’s greetings for his 50th birthday and running his 42nd Marathon, very appropriate for a 42 KMs distance on the day after.

Retired to bed early to prepare for the big day.

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  1. 21/04/2009 8:45 am

    Congratulations on your great 1st marathon run. great job

    Thank you Pat! You guys inspire me!

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