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Pre-Race Post: Canberra Marathon


Its just 4 more sleeps to go, 5 more days and its The Canberra Marathon.

I’m a first timer you see. A marathon virgin. Never did a race of distance at 42.125 Kms yet in my life.  Now on Sunday is the day I am going to do it.  Its been 2 weeks that I am feeling nervous so bad that I dream about it.  This is the last taper week and finishing my last few kilometers tomorrow until the race.  Maybe an easy stationary bike and lots of streteches on Friday and Saturday that comes with the hydration and carboloading.

I am hoping to at least finish at 4 hours time.  3:59:59 would be great! (and a no walk and finish with dignity, and not a DNF!)  I did a semi dress rehearsal earlier and will do final one again tomorrow.  Shoes and attire.

Travel arrangements have already been made 2 weeks ago.  Was suppose to go by public transpo, ride a bus and take a plane going home.  Booked a hotel near the start and finish, not to worry bout how to get to start and crawling back in pain after.  I’m so pleased that a project manager/friend Sissi and Martin are coming for support and a good time to see Canberra as they haven’t been there yet.  They offered us a ride. So I ditched the bus. yey!

A number of my Woodstock mates (John Dawlings, Kerry Bray,  Peta Bray, Dot Siepman, Bronwyn Hager, Mark O’Donnell, Mark Mercieca, Brian Ogilwy,Linda Barwick,..) will be doing the shorter distance fun run the night before, so with my friend Terry who I guess I converted to do running.  We’ll be there to be cheering each other while they’ll keep our spirits up the day after for us doing the longer run (Brendan Davies (will do 50KMs), Martin Amy, Anthony Robinson-First Timer, Thalia Anthony-First timer too!, Rick Collins, Jeff Marounga (will do 50KMs), Vass Vasilou-will do the 50Kms).

Here is the Marathon’s map and terrain topography from Vurt of Coolrunning. Its going to be mostly flat of slight inclines.  Bit different as this is of higher altitude than Sydney so runners will be breathing thin air.


I will be doing my last minute shopping of gels tomorrow and I decided to bring my own drinks for kilometers 30 and 35 for sugar rush and electrolyte replenishment and asked friends to stake out at 32nd kilometer to remind me that only 10 Kms more to run.  I know its going to be tough.  Last month when I did my 30Kms which is the longest race i did it was a big difference compared to running the 25KMs.  It was like when I started from 5 KMs how much different it is running a 10Km.  Challenging yet I was hooked!

We were told that temperature will be at 4-21degrees on that day, predicted slight rain.  It will be a perfect weather of running.  I hope I finish before the sun shines too much.

Help me God!

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  1. 16/04/2009 6:44 am

    Goodluck 4 days to go. im sure you will do well. make us balita.

    Thanks Pat!! I’m praying i’d go well and sure do will write bout what happens on Sunday! 🙂

  2. 16/04/2009 11:10 pm

    Wow… i wil be thinking of you and supporting from the other side of the world! All the best, and remember, the only pressure which exists is the pressure we put on ourselves! You go out and enjoy it 🙂 x

    Thanks Glenn! I agree with you, all the words of encouragements from everybody will keep me going on Sunday. besos!

  3. 17/04/2009 12:06 am

    how exciting. your first time. have a great time chaia!! look forward to reading your post-race post.

    I knooooo! Nervous but i’ll have fun. Salamat Eric! I need to finish and cross the line to write the post-race 😉

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