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Profile 7: Being fit and weight loss: Patrick Concepcion


I knew Pat or Patrick from the H@ppy Feet email group two years ago.  He was very active in posting and replying to emails.

Patrick is a very humble enterprenuer from a prominent family of enterpreneurs in the Philippines, the Concepcions.  Finally met him face to face first time in his sponsored or him and his brother’s initiated Condura Run with the advocacy of saving the Tubataha reef.  They just recently celebrated a successful 2nd anniversary of this run advocating to save the whale sharks of the Philippines which is also a half marathon event debut accros the South Express way fly over.

He is also very active contributor of Runner’s world and I remember him asking random weights and heights of runners where he chose me as one of the samples of the article.  And so I remember him saying he was overweight when he was younger, so aside from returning the favor, I think Patrick story deserves to inspire people who are struggling who wanted to be fit and loose weight.  So here goes our email correspondence 🙂

1. Heaviest weight? PATRICK: I am 5’5 in height and my heaviest weight when I was 18 years old and my weight was 220 LBS.  My Pants size was 40inches and a shirt of extra large.
2. Current weight? PATRICK: I am still 5’5 in height, he he. my Current weight is 133 lbs and my pant size is 30 inches and a shirt size of small.
3. Lightest weight? PATRICK: My lightest weight was 127 lbs. This was in 2008 when I was training for my 2nd marathon, Philippine Marathon 2008, last February.  My pant size was 29 inches and shirt size is small.
4. What made you realize you need to get back on track and being fit and healthy? PATRICK: I started running in May 1980 in Vancouver, Canada. I started running not to lose weight but because I really found happiness in running. When I took my first step in running WHEN I TI was hooked already. I knew this what I wanted to do in Life.  The weight and teh fat just slowly went away..
5. Do you have a special diet? What is it? PATRICK: Diet hummm?????? My problem is I still love to eat.  i love sweets, cake, pork, chicken, meat, pasta, junk food, , etc. and if I’m not careful I will be a pig again. I have to make a conciuos effort to control my eating habit.  Basically this is my special diet:
Breakfast: 1 slice of toast, egg or slice of ham.  Sometimes I’ll have cereal
Lunch: 1 cup of rice, 1 cup of vegtables, 1 serving of meat or fish and sometimes a small size of cake.
Afternoon snack(3PM): Banana regular size
Dinner: 1 cup of Rice (Red rice), 1 serving of meat or chicken, Vegtables and maybe a cookie
Night Snack (9pm): Sometimes I have a night snack.  A cookie or a half banana.

And I just wanted to add, that I sleep early usually around 10PM (Matanda na ako he he he).  My wife, “Mabu”, is an excellent cook and is very health conciuos so the food is always healthy in the house.  Sundays are usually my careffree eating day.  Maybe I’ll eat an extra slice of cake, Pasta, Ice cream and some junk food.  I believe it is ok to have a once a day week break from controlled eating.

6. Current sports you do? PATRICK: My only sport is running nothing else.  Pls. forgive me but I do not call Running a sport. For me running is a way of life.  It os a gift gtom God to mold our character to make us a better person.  With running  it changes your character to be a better person.

Chaia: Also can you provide me a before and after photo 🙂 like heaviest and yourself now Attach are several pictures. PATRICK: Im so sorry if i could not get hold of a full body picture of me when i was fat. When i got married and moved out my parents house all the picture was left in my mom’s house. So sorry. But will try to do my best Thank you again so much for the opportunity. Thank you

Thank you Pat, that was a very inspiring information.  And I do like your principle about running as a way of life and how it makes us a better person.  I so agree with you on that one!

Read more about Pat at:
From Pat’s blog
Running Sheild
Pat’s Runner’s profile pics by b3n Chan


Chubby Pat when he was 17 years old


Pat thinks he is fat at 18 years old


Fit Pat at 133lbs


Pat running on the beach


Pat running his event recent Condura Run

3 Comments leave one →
  1. 07/04/2009 3:52 pm

    Wow I’m so glad he could change his life 😀

    indeed :), everyone can do it. It’s just having the right attitude.

  2. 10/04/2009 12:44 am

    Attitude is the main thing in life, to lose weight also it’s important, anyone can do anything.


  3. 16/04/2009 6:45 am

    thank you so much for featuring me in your blog. i really appreciate it. good luck in your marathon quest in a few days

    my pleasure Pat! and thanks for the well wishes 🙂

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