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Mother’s Day Classic Run


The registration for the Mother’s day Classic fun run on May 10 is now open.  This event is a fun run that goes around in major cities of Australia.

Unfortunately, I will not run this as I already have registered last year for the SriChinmoy Series not knowing that falls on the same date.  I ran this last year, I can remember this was my first road race in Australia since I have moved from home.

Good way to support breast cancer charity and research center.  Register here.

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  1. 04/04/2009 3:33 pm

    good luck mare! it sure always feels different when running for an advocacy you fully believe in.

    started training din mare, light nga lang…cuz guess wot? we are frolicking 100k trail run..err..walk..of TNF 🙂

    Thanks bangge. I wont be running this one tho there’d still be other ways to do charity. Train well! im counting down 12 more days to Marathon!!

  2. oross permalink
    16/04/2009 3:34 pm

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    Happy Mother’s Day,
    Yafit Rossen, 🙂

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