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Sri Chinmoy Series Race 1 ’09: Centennial Park


Last year I missed the half marathon on this course since I missed the bus and I was nursing an injury.  Made me realize it was a good reason I missed the bus that time or I would just suffer if I would have gone and did the race.

I know that this would be running on the grass and dirt around the Centennial Park grounds and which they call Cross country and never have done it.  And we were notified in the group email by Thalia, a fellow Woodstock runner, that registering the series one time is cheaper so I reistered last year for all the long distance series.  By Thursday we received an email that the course has been modified as their hs been double bookings on the day before the day which is a big music festival which cut the course into half making the original distances of 4,7 and 14 Kilometers to 4,8 and 12 Kilometers instead.  It don’t mind but I just need to adjust my training (taper week) mileage as a result.


I was picked up with his kindness John Dawlings together with Tomi by 7am then we headed to Centennial park.  We arrived early at the rego area and saw Kerry and her Daughter peta, we had enough time to warm up, stretch and do the toilet break.  Then we saw Fumi and Larissa, more Woodstock runners.

Due to increase of participants of 150 on the day registration, the start was not until 10 past 8 and a stagerred start per event per gender.  I saw Corrinne a younger female runner who always start and pace with me at start and feeds me her dust at the end, it was good seeung her at the start chute and learning she got herself injured as well reason she was not in races for some time.

It was a slow start, I did not plan to be in front of the pack as always as i tend to go faster as planned and end up being so tired in the end.  It was slow though that it was a bit narrow route with grass and uneven ground that I got impatient I did overtake few female runners and I was running with Corrine but she was running constantly while I was just being inpatient thinking there would be a paved area ahead which turned out to be none.  I caught up with Fumi for some point but i think she is stronger this time.

During the race, just half way of the 1st last I was already feeling pain again on my glutes and hammies.  I was not used to running on the grass and some sand and dirt.  It was a good course though as it is flat.  I think I am earning what I do for (over) training on my upcoming marathon.  I can feel the soreness.  Although I did not run the day before, I feel the pain I have been feeling again after last weeks long run race.  I wanted to give up again and stop and walk and do a DNF.  That was what my brain was telling me.  But Managed to convince myself to run it slowly forget about finishing fast but finishing the race.  I was hoping of doing it at 1 hour before the start not knowing how the course is going to look like but as soon as the race progressed I was predicting I am going to finish around 1 hour 2 minutes with the pain.

It was tough seeing a lot of runners finishing their last lap while I am still on my 3rd lap, but I am glad that on every lap a Coolrunning mate, Coogee, was there to cheer and Thalia on my last and 2nd lap was cheering so It just kept me going.  It was tough looking at where you step careful not to twist your ankle which I almost did twic luckily i did not.  On the last lap on the last water station hoping i can get some drinks, they ran out so i mentally became weak for a few minutes but battling with my head i know its just a few more meters to finish I need to hold my thirst keep on running.  I was able to pass at least two runners ahead of me in the last 700 meters or so, sprinting in the last 100m which i did feel sick wanted to vomit.  Luckily I had nothing for breakfast to throw up.

It was a good course, that makes your ankle stronger and learning strategy knowing how the route look like for next series when it comes back to Centennial Park around November and that’s going to be a half marathon.

Woodstock mates Thalia, Larissa, Kerry and John placed on the event.

I am surprised to still place at 30th amongst 98 participants on the under 50 age category for females for 12 KMs.  It was not bad finish.

BTW, did I say I will stay sober until my marathon is done in three weeks? 🙂

Woodstock photos grabbed from the event organizer.

Find Fumi fiddling with her watch in front

Find Fumi fiddling with her watch in front

Kerry and her Daughter on gun start 8Kms

Kerry and her Daughter on gun start 8Kms


Larissa, finished 1st outright for 4Kms female

Larissa, finished 1st outright for 4Kms female

Thalia finishing strong! Placed 3rd on Under 50 4Kms

Thalia finishing strong! Placed 3rd on Under 50 4Kms

Michelle Warren doing a 12Km

Michelle Warren doing a 12Km

Distance: 12KM
Time: 1:02:08
Location: Centennial Park, Sydney, NSW


Race Report by Sri Chinmoy Organizers

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