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Profile 6: Being Fit and Weight Loss: Ron Cunanan


Ron Cunanan has been a friend when I became friends with Roanne Cunanan in University days.  Roanne has been my thesis mate and Kuya (address to call an older male person than you are) Ron would come home for holidays in their Parents house in La Trinidad.  Not long after, we had become house/flat mates when we started working in Manila.

Kuya Ron also works in IT field and graduated in the same University where I graduated.  He was working in stressful odd times in the IT department of a bank.  Which contributed most to his weight gain, coming home late and eating dinner late, stressed at work makes him eat more.  I can remember him going to the gym those days but I don’t see the difference and he still complains of his weight.

Then years after, we went to Malaysia I moved to another flat, he still works in a stressful and pressuring environment but I was surprised to see his new profile pictures in Friendster.  He looks fitter and healthier, and lost lots of weight.  Actually I did not not notice not until he sent me a message in Friendster telling me “Runner ka na pala ngayon ha!” (Hey, i see that you are already a runner huh!).

Because of that, I was inspired again! to see someone I know, a friend who seem to have made effort to improve his well-being and health and convinced him that I will be writing about the change in my blog.  So here it is after a week and a half of persistence:

me: Heaviest weight? Ron: 230lbs
me: Current weight? Ron: 175lbs
me: Lightest weight? Ron: (teka ano ba ito, target?)Kung target weight – 155lbs
me: What made you realize you need to get back on track about your health and fitness? Ron: it was getting difficult to move around with all the weight. My knees and back would always hurt, and i would find myself out of breath even while walking leisurely. I guess it was when I lost 10lbs in 1 week doing the Gm diet that really inspired me to lose more and exercise.
me:  Did you have a special diet or a secret diet? Ron: Nothing much. I’ve substituted rice with whole wheat bread and make it a point not too eat 1 big meal; instead i eat several small meals a day.
me: What sports do you do to keep you fit? Ron: Tennis, swimming. taking rock climbing and scubadiving classes, although not sure if that qualifies as a sport hahaha
me: Do you have before and after picture? Ron: hehehe. naku, parang wala ata akong before and after … hanap muna ako ng before, yung nakakatakot .. or pwede kang kumuha sa friendster nalang hehehehe.

Apparently I am able to get pictures from his Friendster 😀 profile!

Continue the efforts Kuya Ron! Thanks for allowing me to write about your weight loss 😉


Heavy Ron of year 2007


Currently at 175

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