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Canberra Marathon here I come … *jitters*


I did it, confirmed! Now I am nervous … And I am confirmed I am in the list!

I have been holding off for the last minute until the registration for the Canberra Marathon is 30AUD cheaper, I finally mailed my Registration last week before March 20.  We pay dear to get tired and to see how the body can go farther …


And last Saturday I received a confirmation email in my Gmail of my registration … now this is for real … I may sound too dramatic and emotional … i am because I haven’t done this before.  And as it has been said before 1 % of the world’s population only run marathons.


And its been 12 weeks of training and it has been tough.  The longest run I did is 33KM and my health went down hill two weeks ago.  I know that it comes with the training.  I just finished the 30KM race I survived but I did have difficulty mentally.  I am hoping that It is done and I will not meet such situation on the day of the Marathon.

I will do it for fun, I maybe not seriuosly setting and going tough on myself as this will be my first time, still I will be hypocrite if I’d just say to finish it but I am hoping to finish it by 4 hours, hopefully!  I am almost on my taper week … let’s see.

Why Canberra? Because it is of easier course for my first marathon, I do not want to double the trauma with a difficult course.  Trauma? did I say Trauma? yes I love pain :p  It would be painful but I choose to run it for lots of reason, there are more lots painful times in my life than this one so I know I will survive it.

I am just nervous…

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  1. 25/03/2009 3:52 am

    nothing to be nervous about. im sure your training is doing well and you will do very well. A marathon is a mind game. good luck keep us posted in your dream soon to be a reality !!!!!

    Thanks Pat! I’ll keep that in mind when i run it!

  2. 25/03/2009 12:29 pm

    mare koy, you can do it! galing mo noh!!!! 🙂

    Thanks Mars for believing! There has been obviuosly a lot of learning here. I think it’s more of just training in 18 weeks, I was doing mine in 17, and I think it should be more for a FTMer. Recover more very well soon and I hope to join you on your FTM 🙂

  3. 26/03/2009 5:19 am

    good luck on your marathon! cnb should be nice and cool. fun!

    Thanks Bards for dropping by my crib. I read your story! I would like to write about it too. Can i? I am nervous bout the Marathon I have 23 days more to go to be nervous!

  4. sundaywarrior permalink
    27/03/2009 10:42 am

    Hi there good luck, Pat is right it’s really a mind game, at least your training was on schedule, all you have to do is just go for it right from the start.. hope to see your story

    Hi Chito, Thanks! ohh let’s see how it goes! i need lots of luck!

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