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SMC Series Race 2 ’09: My first 30 KM race


It has been a week when I was sick and was down for fever resulting for a tough week of frustration for recovery and going back on track on my Marathon training last week.

Building up my mileage back was a disappointment, nevertheless I am still happy I am well and done with the anti-biotics.  Although I had new muscle pains in front of my quads and shoulder pains this time so I haven’t decided should I run the long run, 30KM, Sydney Marathon Clinic Series race number 2 for 2009.

There were three options for me to choose and run this 22 of March.  This SMC at 30KMs, a training run at 20KMs at North head of the Sydney Striders group which Steve invited me to join or the Linfield Rotary fun run.  I was still undecided by Friday since I had a very bad shoulder pains from I don’t where I got it, and my quad pains and thinking I wouldn’t be racing with this kind of conition unless I wanted a DNF.  I was considering either the Striders’ run or SMC as I needed my mileage for the Marathon training.  Friday arvo, I went for a remedial sports massage at Pyrmont at Majestic Health Massage.  I was attended by the masseuse Linda.  She was very good! She massaged in the very tip of the digits of my toes and the areas where i had complains with.  Although I was told I do have a muscle tear on my left calves.  She said I will still be okey to run.  The day after, I was feeling better, much much better!  So I thought of i will join the SMC and do the 30Kms race although I havent done any races before this long and the longest training run I did was 33KMs++.  I sent Steve sms I wouldn’t be joining them on Sunday and sent SMS to Michelle requesting if i can hitch with her to Smithfield, who herself was having a cold but still running the long race.

After trying to decide what bottoms I should wear, I was convinced that it would still be warm that day even I was thinking of wearing my Skins Leggings I did not but I wore my fave NB running shorts and my Woodstock top, Skins socks and i thought of breaking-in my Lunars for a long distance race if it would be fit for me to race on Canberra Marathon.

I woke up at 5:08, arrived at Pyrmont at Michelle’s place 10 minutes to 6 and we picked up Anthony another Woodstock mate.  We were all doing the 30KMs.

We arrived at Smithfield 30 minutes before 7 am.  We registered, I did my trip to the loo, had a can of V, did my stretches, and a warm up jog to the start area, with three GU gels in my pocket and bra top and said my prayers I hope i finish this race alive!

The horn was sounded and off we go.  I was running on my own pace, telling myself quitly and constantly to run on my own pace and not mind the people around me not to to get carried away on their paces as it was my first 30KM race.  I also kept reminding myself that I am doing this as a fun run, reminding myself I just got back from sickness and not much training so I should take it slow and easy.

I was cruising and just running on my pace I was hoping to at least run at 5:45 pace, I was going at 5:32 but I was feeling comfortable so i kept it constant not trying to increase my speed as I do not want to burn myself before I reach the half way marker.  It was the same route as we did the 25KMs last month.  I was in the middle of the pack but slowly able to pace a little farther ahead than in the middle and pleased to overtake a few runners although all I was counting and matters as benchmarks to me are female runners.

1st 10 KMs I managed to overtake two female runners, then one more around the 18KM distance.  Two trips to the steep hill.  On the second lap, I felt terrible pain in my glutes, quads and calves where my physical self was telling my mental self to stop and walk and it can not take it anymore, it wanted to walk and stop.  Maybe that was what they call the “wall.”  Although It was just an “almost a wall” as I woke up and told myself take it easy and slow do not walk but jog up the hill, keep looking down and I started my litany of prayers or i was praying the Rosary!

It was not even 21KMs yet and my mind and body were battling against each other.  Then ahead of me were two male runners, one in his Striders singlet and i was just cruising behind them trying to take their easy pace so to keep my mind off from my schizophrenic-runner-self but it was downhill and i was recovering and managed to overtake them, yet then they ran with me for a few meters putting me in between them, I did not know what they were try to do, to pace with me or squeeze and trip me! I did my own run and ignored them but they backed off and slid off from me, so I was on my own again.  Then I saw a female runner on her cool running singlet.  I told myself, as long as i can see this runner ahead of me I will be alright.  I did not even ambition to overtake her nor catch up and pace with her.  I am happy that I’d stay behind  her.    I caught up with her in a water station but she caught up with me again and overtook me.  Yet around the 23Kms hill or so I caught up with her running with her but I do not know what happened, I wasn’t even speeding as I was too buggered and tired she slid off and now she was behind me.  I know she is just a few meters away from me.

I did not see her from that time on and I was too scared to look back to see if she was still in my tail as it might just give up and walk.  I kept on running and running.  Thalia, a Woodstock mate was doing very well.  She was running 4th amongst the women.  I think she was faster and stronger than last month’s 25KM race.

Two more kilometers and I was feeling better mentally and emotionally.  Two more kilometers that is 10 minutes or so that is just a few more time and I’m done, I told myself.  On the 200 m marker to finish i heard footsteps behind me I thought it was the lady I overtook but it was two guys whom I thought whom would have finished earlier, but maybe they took extra 5 kilometers on that steep hill so they were catchin up.  I can see the Finish banner and the pylons in my sight and I am feeling relieved every second, as soon as I step on the grassy area I sprinted overtaking those two male runners that took me at 200. I finished alive, happy but sore and tired.  I wanted to cry, I was emotionally crying inside, quietly because I was happy i still finished in a decent time, I did not walk and I managed to finish despite a bad training week two weeks ago, it was like receiving a gift you wanted unexpectedly.

Its 4 more weeks before the Marathon, 4 weeks taper, and 33 KMs is the longest training run I did, 30 KM farthest race I eve have done and completed, 12.125 more kilometers on April, would I make it without walking?  I am scared … worried and really nervous.

Event: Sydney Marathon Clinic
: 30.03 Kms
Average Pace:
5:29/ km
Fastest Pace: 3.36 / km
Weight: 42Kls
Max Heart Rate:180=94%
Average Heart Rate:165 = 86%
Location: Smithfield, NSW, Australia
Time: 2:41’14.18 11th gender, 3rd age/gender category


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