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Profile 5: Being fit and Weight loss – Witchkitty


I would have remembered to have written years ago bout my obsession of loosing weight myself in my other blog. And in relation to the series of the first 4 pieces I just wrote lately, I’d like to share my own experience on this topic of loosing weight and being fit.

Also surprisingly after my holidays of 22 days in Philippines for Christmas of 2008 recently which means lots of eating and just a few 30KMs a week of running, sitting all day, the day i arrived my flat in Oz the first thing I did is run to my weighing scale so afraid i gained weight. So I weighed after almost a month of not bothering to weigh myself, I still got the same weight of 43Kls when I got back!! So i think my metabolism is back to normal. Not that I stuffed myself with junk while i was on holidays too but i did eat more food than what i was taking. And so much deserts. Yum!

Anyway here’s y share:

My Heaviest weight: 2 years ago around end of 2006 I could have weighed 54 KLS (118.8 lbs) and according to Filipino Body Mass Index (BMI) at a height of 5 ft, I would be a first degree obesity. I put on some weight starting at 2005 with a very unhealthy lifestyle. too much alcohol, partying every night, eating too much, eating on the wrong time of the day, and involved in a career that does not much involve of physical activity but just sitting down staring at your notebook and rolling your chair next to your colleague! Then a year and a half later on, I was assigned in a project in Indonesia for almost 7 months and living a life in a hotel with an everyday buffet breakfast, a driver to pick you up at the hotel to work and not even have to make your bed when you wake up. Working late and having mackas at midnight for dinner almost everyday. I got spoiled with that life and obviously i gained weight heaps!

My current weight: I weight currently plays around from 41.5 – 44 Kls. Heaviest when i get bloated on the time of the month. And I go my lightest most of the time, it can say that I am underweight according to the BMI but i think I am still doing well and healthy with the measurement.

My lightest weight: I could have remembered that I did not even realize I was looking very very thin not until the day my sister and my friend visited me in Cebu while i was on project there, and according to them they swear that I do look so haggard like a drug junkie. I think i did weight myself at 41 KLs by that time and I was not doing any much weight training, but all cardio – bike at the gym and running and swimming.

After that, I promised not to ever weigh and look like that again like a drug addict.

What made you realize you need to get back on track and being fit and healthy? After that stint in Jakarta, I went for a short business/leisure trip to Oz. And this time i was doing lots of walk to and fro the apartment to the hotel, drinking lots of water because I was told that you get dehydrated easily down under. Then I got back home and I lost weight like 4 kls at the time and my friends think i look better. Also I got tired when people/friends would tell me: “you look so F-A-T”, “what hapened? why are you so FAT”, “Are you pregnant?!”, (i mean people really get so MEAN) and so I did got serious in running to keep loosing my weight and I did lost 12 KLS in a year from 54-42. And ever since I never felt better and not got ill so often so lately.

As a baby i was diagnosed to have primary complex, weak lungs so had bronchitis when i was growing up then became asthma then i get flu easily and skin asthma but eversince I was on the track it was so rare that these ailments came back. So i felt pleased.

Do you have a special diet? Kind of but I attribute it more on lots of discpline. The first few months I was determined to loss my weight, I was having the following.
Bfast: 3 glasses of water before i eat, low fat cereal with low/skim milk or 2 whole meal toasts and honey, 1 mug coffee w 2 tsp brown sugar
Morning tea: 1 large banana or slices of fruits
Lunch: 3 wholemeal slice bread of Veggie and fruit filling and or light cheese and tuna and sour cream instead of mayo or wholemeal pasta and tuna or 1 cup brown rice and veggies + tea no sugar
Afternoon Tea: slices of fruits or a box of raisins or dried fruits
Dinner: half cup low fat popcorn + 1 tub low fat yougurt or sliced fruits and yogurt + green tea
And i do drink lots of water in between meals.

When I reached my desired weight I changed my meals to:
Bfast: 3 glasses of water before i eat, low fat cereal (1 cup muesli or 2 brick weetbix) with low/skim milk and two tsp brown sugar or 2 whole meal toasts and honey, or two toast and two eggs , and 1 mug coffee w 2 tsp brown sugar
Morning tea: 1 cup coffee
Lunch: whole meal sandwich or wraps, or wholemeal veggie or tuna pasta meal or brown rice or couscous and veggies or veggies and tuna and mushroom, or veggies and meat or seafood + black tea no sugar
Afternoon Tea: slices or whole fruits or two chocolate biscuit or a bar of Mars or palmful of nuts or
dried fruits
Dinner: meat (either red or white – bake or pan fried in light olive oil) or fresh fish + lots of veggies and fruits and or yogurt + green tea

At the end of the day, I try to have consumed at least 7 kinds of fruits and veggies. When I am out and i crave, i buy fruit juices, or smoothies. Or munch on Sushi rolls (2 piece max) which i have learned is a low Gi food (foods that suppresses your hunger pangs).

I still once and a while eat at mackas, i can’t resist eating chips (my fave!!), I still do eat out on weekends as my cheat days like i eat pizza or burger or rice meals. I was eating a 3 meal rice a day to almost none and i am fine with it. I don’t drink alcohol everyday and I try to eat my meals on time. And i still do eat potato crisps. I can do away without any softdrinks (coke zero if i wanted to), and no iced teas when eating out but just flat water. On Chocolates, I take dark chocolate as it has lower calories than the milk chocs, I like dark chocolate anyway. I found out after “rebooting” my metabolism, i am so hungry every 2-3 hours! amazing!

Current sports you do: Just running at the moment, but I am going to join Pilates soon in a months time to improve my running injuries, I cross train in the gym (treadmill, stationary bike, stationary weights) and in the lap pool and also have my free weights. I have my badminton gear but i havent found a convinient place and mates to play with at the moment.

Below is a photo of my below and after weight loss πŸ™‚


heaviest me in one of the days in Indonesia


Fitter me πŸ™‚

People I know, or friends at first always tell me they can not do what i was doing, eating the right food, they do not have time to do exercise. For me, its just WANTING and the WILL to make it happen. DISCIPLINE. I am not hard on myself on what I eat and not what i shouldn’t eat. I maybe do not have any family or kids to tend to that i get heaps of time to do fitness, but I do a full time job and I know people who do have kids but what they do is bring the buggy and run or walk with their kids on it, spending time with the kids and doing the fitness all together. Also it can get challenging when I travel but i always make sure to pack with my things my running gear and some swimming gear. Everything is possible if we want to.

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  1. rod permalink
    19/03/2009 4:44 am

    wow! very inspiring post! πŸ™‚ the hardest part here is consistency.
    i too had a weight problem before.
    although i’m not yet on my ideal weight yet, but i’m getting there.
    i’m a happy feet (impromptu_runners) member too. hope to see you in future runs!


    Hi Rod, Thanks for droppin by. I wish you well on your weight loss πŸ™‚ I know you can do it. I see you in the thread. Hope to run soon, once again with the group! keep on running!

  2. 19/03/2009 5:11 am

    what a transformation. from fat girl to thin woman. but i know its really hard to keep the weight down eating feels so good.
    take care of yourself
    haha, its funny isnt it Pat? Good luck on your event, Condura Run on Sunday, I know it will be a success!!

  3. 19/03/2009 5:47 am

    Can’t imagine you as someone with so much weight …
    But you’re doing well as a runner. More power, Chaia!

    Hi Roselle!hehe πŸ™‚ I can’t imagine myself i gained and lost so much. Thanks Roselle! Again, good luck on your Half mara this Sunday!

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