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3 Day Sickie


Why now?!

I knew I was feeling back pains the day before and the day I had my long run last Tuesday for 33 KMs, but I didn’t know I was going down with some virus the next couple of days.

Monday I went for a swim to rest myself from the worse 10KM race I had and recovering from a hangover from the weekend.  I knew I still can manage to finish a 79KM that week confidently.

Tuesday I was happy to complete a 33KM even with the doubt because of back pains, then came Wednesday I was sore from the long run, I worked from home but went for Pilates which was a challenging session, felt better stretched.

Thursday afternoon I felt soreness and I felt slugish.  I was planning to go for the TNT Trainings, then 2 hours before going I was feverish and I did not feel well.  I was skipping TNT and planning to do a bike instead, but as soon as I got home I was done with fever.  Really sick.  Couldn’t be bothered moving around but slept at the couch and had paracemtamol and back pain pills which kept me to sleep.

Friday I was feeling so crook planning to skip work but I got a call for emergency at work.  Friday was supposedly my 21Kms, but I was running high with fever again and skipped running.  Went to the doctor and confirmed that my fevers was caused by tonsilitis and ear infection.  So I just went home and rested and medicated myself.  Saturday missed Woodstock run and my throat was feeling worse than Friday. Rested and slept till 12 noon on and off with pills and fruits and water.  By arvo,  I was like Lazarus, feeling better and wanted to do a 14KM run, but just did 7KMs anyway.  The run made me feel better the next day.

The timing of me getting sick was really off.  It was my 6th week before the Marathon and i can not afford to get sick then this happens.  So I was missing 29KMs last week because I was on sick leave.  Hoping I will be better this week.

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