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When running becomes so lucrative


One reason with running as a sport is it its cheap and you can run by yourself.

But last night I realized my running has been lucrative lately.  In the past four months I spent so much on my running! Gear, Polar watch, Skins, supplements, two pair of shoes, heaties, relief patches, massages, physio sessions! Not even including of registration fees in race series and big race events.  Some would also buy running books and subscribe to running magazines.

So I thought too it was cheap … not.

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  1. bobby permalink
    11/03/2009 11:41 am

    hi chaia, you’re so right about this. when i started running, i thought that running shoes is all you need. never thought you also have to buy tech shirts/shorts, hydropaks, running caps, shades and the list goes on and on hehehe…

    Hi Bobby! haha i missed that, very true isn’t it? The sunnies and hydropacks .. hmm thinking of which I need a camel back and looking for compression socks!

  2. lonerunner permalink
    17/03/2009 7:08 pm

    Ako matipid pa rin. I dont let advertisements make me buy. I run wearing cotton shirts, eats Pan de sal instead of powerbars, nag titiis ng uhaw wag lang bumili ng hydropack, Vaseline instead of body glide(pwede rin Mantika) etc… hehhehe

    Kuripot ko ano? hehehehhe

    Oi Smith! look at the rich kid talking! j/k … or run naked at least you don’t need to worry bout clothes .. pero sa Manila bawal mag commando, dito pwede pa :p … tapos ung pandesal iniipit para nde bulky habang tumatakbo ka.. or pulot pukyutan haha

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