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Energize Belrose Fun run: worst race ever!


I was unsure how my training calendar last week was.  I was feeling a bit tired from training.  And I did wantedto join some of the Woodstock do the long run on Saturday, but I scheduled to run the race the Sunday after which is the Energize Belrose Fun run.

I decided to just stick with the plan, skip the Woodstock Saturday run for the race the day after and rest.

But what I did this Saturday was even worse than running before a race, alcohol got out of hand from lunch that extended to pub drinks supposedly to watch the Mardigras, that I am really pissed I can’t remember the parade! I was disappointed of myself from having myself drank that Saturday, woke up 4am of Sunday after passing out from to much drinks and I realized I haven’t confirmed with John I will join him to Belrose run, so I sent him the message anyway I will be going.

I was actually feeling Hang-over, really sick and half decided I can race with my conditions.  I thought It would be a waste of Sunday if I did not go and I’d be breaking my training schedule if I did.

Was picked up by John at 7, Got there 10 minutes before 8, registered and enough toilet breaks and warm up.  I can feel it, I am feeling so sick! We had coffee while chatting and waiting for the announcements, which I think is a good idea, as I always do it anyway before runs, but it wasn’t helping.  Drank a little bit of water and I know I will not be running on my best with this run.  Light headedness, headache, dehydrated perfect

A smile with the hangover in a beautiful day before the race with John Dawlings

A smile with the hangover in a beautiful day before the race with John Dawlings

Anyway, this run was sponsored by the Energize Health club of the Belrose community for some charity cause and its 2nd year.  Here are some of feedback/critisism about this race

Marketing. So it was a good marketing strategy that the registration was inside the health club and a walk hrough of almost all of the facilities.  So it’s a good way to showacase their equipments and gym.
Toilets: enough clean portalets of the toilets inside the gym.
Water stations: Enough water
Registration fee: : 10 AUD cheap.

Rego: Not enough registration booths.We were lucky we arrived their early and got registered early, but their were only two who people taking care of the registration and two on pre-registered.  The queue got longer and I think contributed to the delayed start of the race.
Start: Terrible start location, a wooden fence in front, narrow, and blockages which is dangerous.  Late start of 10 minutes.
Route, course: Runners kept running on the road because there were no pylons/witches hats to guide runners, not very organized that kept the police telling of the runners to stay on the foot path.  No markers where to cross the road
Markers: No kilometer markers, no signs, that the seeded or elite runners got lost.
Race bibs: Should have been at least waxed paper to prevent it from tearing when it gets wet from sweat and water.  Mine got torn in maybe in the 2nd kilometer! Which I though to just stuff it on my top which crumbled at the end (eewe!)
Marshals: Just stand there and they do not tell you where to go wether if its right left or turn around.
Finish: No time keepers, the finish line is VERY VERY not organized as you do not know where the finish path is!! I crossed over a grass full of gym mats with people lying on it and a wooden fence blockage you need to jump off!  I was very pissed finishing the race. No rankings, no results, no winner presentations.
Water: No water station at the end.  Watermelons are for sale, which is ussually free on most races, okey the registration is cheap.

see where safety was not a common sense for the organizers!

see where safety was not a common sense for the organizers!

Since the race started late the sun was already up and it was humid.  I felt weak and I had t walk twice uphill (damn alcohol!), and wanting to just do the 5KMs (I should have just did it as they were not recording the time) when I reached the 2nd lap, I told myself to finish what I’ve started.


I felt I was stronger on thesecond lap but it was a struggle.  I knew I prolly be finishing at 55minutes, still a surprise to have finished 10KMs (which they says is a bit longer) at 53.05.

Worse feeling ever, still not a bad time considering running on a hangover and I will NEVER do that again, but honetsly, it is the WORST NSW fun run I ever have been to.  I am not sure if I would like to run it again next year.  Good side, I am glad there were no results and time keeprs to have kept my bad performance, I symphatize tho for the runners who did a good time in their distances.

Event: Energize Belrose Fun Run
Location: Belrose, NSW
Distance: 10KM
Time: 53:05

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