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Woodstock Handicap Series 2009: Run 1


I went for a speed session on Thursday, did two long runs during the week, was tempted to do a the Summer Twilight race at the bay run Friday and what was I emailed Colin and nominated my handicap time at 34 minutes and a 30Kms run on the Sunday?!? No way!

I did re-think after the Thursday Night Training I did need to rest if i wanted to do the  long run on Sunday with the Woodtstock runners in the Cronulla Breaky run.  I checked on my training calendar and I will still do fine, having the same mileage from the week before this week.  I try not to run more than 10% of total mileage every week as a golden rule.  Never again will I want an injury.

The last and 2nd handicap run last year was bad for me as I did had an injury (36.57 minutes).  And I clocked 2 minutes over my nominated time.  I did not want that to happen again, eversince that injury and my sessions with the physio I am trying my best to break my running routine with cross-training and rest and learning to pace myself at the start avoiding burning myself out before i even finish the finish line.

So there are 30 of us running the handicap.  Colin sent out the nomination sheet and saw Andrea on the same time as what I placed at 34 minutes.  Andrea is way too fast! I tend to get carried away and pulled by a person’s pace at times that I end up getting too slow at the middle. I think I will be doing more than 34 minutes.  Seeing her name i got super intimated so I changed my time last minute at 8pm as specified by Colin that Friday to give him updates on time nominations before the event.  I changed my time to 35 minutes instead.  I was still actually worried as I am not sure if i wanted to do a speed pace or not as I am thinking of the long run the day after.  So be it I told myself, I already sent the email and will not change it again.

I arrived Brett park 5 minutes to 730am, jogging from home, after a late night out on a Friday.  I was starting with Mark Mercieca and Tony Purrs and his buggy.  I went ahead of them, and I realized I was kinda going way too fast my pace and I was already feeling buggered and I have not even reached the 2.5 KM marker of where I was standing yesterday’s Marshalling! And we were not allowed to wear any watch so I did not have any idea how fast we were going.   I saw the Coolrunning pack running opposite where we were running.

So slowed down a bit until I can see the backs of the Woodstock runners who nominated their time at 37 minutes.  I was not planning to overtake them yet, they’r like 400 meters away from me, not until after La Montague I overtook Dottie then Derek, our most senior runner on the event and before the dirt road after the Mental Hospital overtook Elle, Sarah and Corrine, where I was overtaken by Andrea!  Then I passed by Kerry, then Tomi and Paul and then Derek’s wife at the bridge.

Felt good after the finish, tired but good.  No pains so I am glad.  First time i wore my Mizuno Wave Rider in a “race.”

Surprisingly, good enough reward, No injury, first time in my three handicaps, I won for almost being correct in my time nomination, so being the “first place.”  And my PB on the Handicap and a PB for a 7KMish distance at 34.01, 59 secondsless my nominated time! wow.  I am happy.  Not the fastest though as 11 of the members were disqualified since they ran very fast than their nominated time.  So that doesn’t mean bad as it means an improvement from their previuos times on the last handicap.

After the announcements of the results by Colin, a raffle for movie tickets for two.  Then the Barb breakfast that was manned by Dierdre, Kevin and David.

Agreed to join Rick and Jeff to run tomorrow to meet the Woodstockers at Cronulla for breakfast which he said it will be 23 KMs from Balmain shores where I am going to meet him.

Event: Woodstock Handicap Event 1 – 2009
Location: Brett Park, Drummoyne, NSW, Australia
Distance: 7.21 KMs
Time: 34.o1 PB

Fastest runners for the event was Martin Amy@ 25:06 and Bronwyn Hager @ 29:58.


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