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Woodstock Cronulla Breaky Run


Kerry sent an invite to the Woodstock email groups about the annual Cronulla Breaky run on March 1 two months ago.  And I just confirmed the day before on the Saturday as I am not sure would there be a race on that Sunday, or Would I be getting a lift or whom am I able to get a lift with.


So I’ve heard that Rick and Jeff who are also preparing for the Canberra marathon will be running from Rick’s home at Lane cove to Cronulla which is approximately about 33 KMs, and I was told I can join and they will be eeting me at the corner of Balmain shores at Victoria Road.  I asked Rick again how long would the distance be from balmain shores as I am scared I might not be able to make it as the longest run I only have done is 28Kms from last week.  He reckons its 23Kms so I told Tomi about it and so she was convinced and anted to join as well.  Great!  That makes 4 of us.

I had to drop my  and Tomi’s change of clothes at John’s house who is going to run the 15Km from Cronulla beach with the other members, Saturday arvo so when we arrive Cronulla we have our cossies and dry clothes waiting for us.

I tried to convince other female runners to run with us to Cronulla but no one else wanted to join.  They think its going to be too much and too early.  I am imagining too its going to be too far! I went to Cronulla once but by car and I think its very far.  Good luck to me, If i wanted to do a marathon, I should face this.

Then before leaving the Woodstock Saturday run, I must have heard him say they will be passing the corner approximately at 540am, so I rang him again that afternoon to confirm the meeting time, and I was shcoked he said 450AM! whoose! I will need to wake up early 😀 at 400 to prepare and eat light breakfast before that run.  Woke up 4am preparred, showered, ate, and stretched.  Drank 1 can of sugarless V as I think the caffein really helps me on races and this will be along run and it is still 4am i should still be sleeping.

By 452am I was waiting at the corner and decided to wear my Niku Lunars for teh first time in a run that is farther from home.  While waiting, there were   no sign of my mates yet. Not even Tomi who is just living blocks away from me, then a minute after came Tomi and Rick and I saw Jeff running on the other side of the street.  We set off.

At Lilyfield, Tomi fell from an uneven pavement and bruised her hands and legs and a it of her arms, she said she’s okey and still can run.  So we continued but a bit worried Tomi might be in pain constantly checking on her.  Then at Annandale we saw youngsters who were still on their way homes hailing a cab from their night out and yelled “go to sleep” as they saw as running past them.

At some point we merged on the road and saw Jeff again as he was running ahead of us, and saw Martin and Anthony who started at Summer hill (which was my original plan to join them, but they are too fast for me to pace).  Very interestng to be runningin a very early time (although I’ve ran as 330am in Manila, that’s different as life their is 24/7), still dark, and the temperature is still cold, very less traffic, then you see the sunrise, and passing by all the train stations and sub urbs you never thought you’d pass by running! I love the feeling going around by foot, running.

At one point, we did have to run on the road as their was no pedestrian walkway on the side, it was actually an Biker’s lane and so we were very close to the cars which we were going with the flow with and every now and then a pack of road bikers pass us.

At the San Souci bridge towards Cronulla, it was interesting that we were seen by Bronwyn and John who were driving to do the organized run at the beach.

There are some main roads that Rick have to take down the time when we reached the corner as a reference for future runners who are going to do the run.  We had our water and pit stops at service station drinking from the taps! I actually do not do that or not just used to it as I was paranoid from Asia but I was actually fine and did not have any issues drinking from the tap.  2 more Kilometers Rick says just go straight and you’ll see the beach.  It was up hill then down the beach and we knew it we reached our destination.


That was 27.5 KMs approximately and after telling our orders at the cafe where we ewre converging with the other Woodstock runners, I told Rick and Tomi I will be doing 1.5 Kilometers more to complete my 29Km mileage for the week.  So I did.  And I was joined by Tomi and we saw the Woodstock runners coming back from their 2nd loop towards the Bridge road.  Finished 29.06Kms in 2:49 hours.


Tomi taking her gel at the 750 meter additional round about after 27.5Kms, coming in opposite directions are other Woodstock mates


Woodies at after the breakfast


Jeff in Yellow, opposite smiling faces Rick and Tomi, John, Sarah in green, Susan in Cap

Ate two Endurance gels in that Run and waited for John for our change clothes, we had our quick swim/dip at the beach for recovery.  Then met with the group for breakfast at Alley Break Café.  It was like a wedding banquet from a far seeing the Woodstock runners on a very long table!


Dot, Sarah, Kim's back, Mark and Corrine, our Swiss Woodie visitor runner

It was also actually Mark and Thalia’s 1st wedding anniversary.  I had a cold breakfast of Bricher muesli, yougurt and fresh fruits.  there were 44 of us in that breakfast run! According to Kerry who organized the event, that was the most number of participants so far.  There were raffle draws and then everyone started to leave.  And we left with John.

I was a bad influence I dragged Tomi for a supposedly 23KMs run tha turned out to be 27KMs and I wondered how she is feeling today.  I am kinda 70%  convinced I can do a marathon with a decent time not over 5hours and can endure pain.  I am planning to do a 32 KMs this week or next week maybe.


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