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Culmination: Sydney Twighlight Series @ Bay Run


I have been following the Coolrunning event, The Sydney Summer Twighlight Series, since the year started.  Shame I never and not able to join any of them.   This series has been going on at different areas in NSW/Sydney, such as Bayrun, Oatley, Baulkham Hills, Centennial Park, Parramata, Manly, Silverwater, and Rooty Hill.

I am not able to join this races because I just realized that when doing a marathon training, you will need to prioritize, manage and try stick to your training schedule and choose races well to avoid injuries.

And this culmination run, Ferbuary 27, 2008 at Bay Run , I was actually planning to run it but looking at my training plan and week’s mileage and next week’s I needed to tell myself off to behave and not to run this one.  Its a rest day so I decided to volunteer instead.  I thought running the Woodstock Handicap Run on Saturday is more imortant and I was hoping for a long run on Sunday to Cronulla for the Woody Breaky run.

I arrived Brett Park at 6:17, was suppose to meet Linda(sook54), a Woodie and the organizer of this Twighlight race day, as she thought she e assigns me at the 5Km turn about.  This is my first time to do volunteer on a race/run and not run it.


It was a different but fun experience.  It also feels fullfilling to contribue in the running community by marshalling.  Although it was a funny, difficult telling runners to take the 5KM loop because you wouldn’t know who are the coolrunners who are participating in the event away from the regular bay runners.

Martin Amy, another Woodstocker ran the 10KM run and was teasing me lazy when he passed by my post.  Aside from Martin Woodstocker like Chloe and Tomi ran this one.

After the race, the coolrunners did the raffle draw for the particpants for the whole series and had a bar-b tea afterwards.


I skipped the barb and am thinking bout tomorrow’s handicap is at the same area but we will do the bay loop of 7.21 Km instead.


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