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Sydney Marathon Clinic: 1st 25KMs Race


Our woodstock team coordinator John Dawlings was organizing the team entries for the Sydney Marathon Clinic 2 weeks ago for the 25Km event.  The club was hoping to put two teams.  I was not really sure if i did want to do a 25Km race as I never had done any race longer than a half marathon.

I said yes anyway to count me in the list, thinking the 25Kms would be a good way to incorporate in my marathon training preparation for one long run in a week.

The teams was organized and came the Woodstock team 1 (strong ones): Brendan Davies, Martin Amy, Vass Vassilou, Anthony Robinson and Thalia Anthony.  Woodstock Team 2: Jacques Westraad, Jeff Marounga, Me, Linda Barwick, Michelle Warren.

Just like any other first time race of a distance I never have ran, I feel nervous and doubtful on how am I going to perform.  The week before the race, I made sure I was’nt straining my physique too much even though I did wanted to build the mileage on that week.  Unlike the 66.81 Kms I did the week before, I only managed to do a 58.45 Kms that week.

Compensated the distance with 17Kms trainer bike x 2 days instead for less leg impact, and as usual no run before the race and rested that Saturday.  I know the feeling of racing and if i ever did run before the day I will suffer, so i did avoid that.

I was glad to hitch a ride with Thalia, and so we set off from Rozelle at 610am, and we reached the registration at 645.  Thalia was stressed of not getting in Smithfield in time as she was working out if she did put the right directions in Mark’s Tomtom navigator.

The two teams is still half assembled, waiting for Michelle and Martin. Eventually we were complete.  It was an overcast morning, not so humid, no sunlight, no sign of drizzle or showers, no wind, temperature was just right.  Took one can of V, and a sachet of endura gel.  Go signal at 700am so we set off.  I did the 10Km course last November so I was familiar and kind of psyched what to expect, and not the other half.

We were doing two laps for the 25KMs.  If i can remember, there were at least two major hills, and I was surprised that i was mindset ready to see it again the second time, but that was a different story on my body’s reaction, I did a slowest 6:46 pace climbing up at some point until i reduced it to 5:51 pace uphill.

I was glad too that I did not get lost, that I am lucky to follow someone’s back, and it is good in some part of the race to have paced with the other runners.  Happy too that I still can see Thalia’s back meaning I wasn’t slacking on my speed.  Half way through the distance just meters before the big hill, I caught up with Thalia and said hi with her pacing with her, trying to keep up for at least maybe 5 seconds.  And that was the sign for her to go faster! I dropped off as she started picking up her pace and a few more minutes I can’t see her back anymore.  So I stopped looking at my watch and just ran as I can.

Five more kilometers to finish one female runner overtook me and followed by another senior male.  We were just seconds apart to finish, so that was not bad.  200 meter sprint finish on a grassy path.  I felt good after, no pains, no stitches and no muscle/joint soreness.  I consumed 1 more endura gel and 2 GUs, and grabbed water sachets in every water station, without having to walk or stop.  I also wore my newly bought Skins compression socks.

I was happy I finished the race properly, almost on the time I was aiming for at 2:10ish hours.  Finishing amongst the 135 runners, 41 are females.

Event: SMC
Location: Smithfield, NSW, Australia
Distance: 25Kms
Time: 2:11″20’46, 1st Age/Gender Category, 8th Gender category

We were joined in by the Woodstock 10Km and 5 Km runners afterward, whom a number of them got PBs.

The individual result on the long distance is as follows: Brendan  Davies: 1:37″09’62 (PB) 4th o/all, 3rd gender and age category, Martin Amy 1:38″13’87 6th o/all, 5th Gender, 2nd Age category, Vass Vassiliou: 2:01″09’27, Anthony Robinson: 2:04″51’84, Thalia Anthony: 2:08″51’52 4th Gender and age Category, Jacques Westraad: 2:12″27’74, Jeff Marounga:2:30″08’52, Me: 2:11″20’46 1st Age/Gender Category 8th Gender category, Linda Barwick: 2:23″21’68, Michelle Warren: 2:53″56’78.

Team resultsWoodstock A 1st, Woodstock B 7th this is out of 10 team entries.

Results are found here.

Post note: While coordinating the teams week befor ethe race, John read my yahoo mail signature, it says: “Running is many things to me, survival, calmness, euphoria, solitude” – The Time Traveller’s Wife … and now i agree with his version “Running is many things to me, survival, calmness, euphoria, solitude … and pain” – The Time Traveller’s Wife and John Dawlings.

Surprisingly I was still able to host and cook and entertain and have fun and relax with beer and wine with Filo food for my friends and colleagues at home after that.

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  1. 23/02/2009 6:39 pm

    Chaia, congratulations on the 25K. Also, there were a good amount of women running the event. Sounds like the weather was good. Take care and have a good week ahead.

    Thanks Wayne! Yes i am surprised too so it was good running with other women around. Looks like a lot are preparing for marathon this year and the SMC is a good program to get into the training and giving your marathon pace practice on longer distance run.

  2. sundaywarrior permalink
    25/02/2009 4:57 am

    Ei there, thanks for visiting my site, you’re quite fast with that 25, I think my last 25 was the NB race last year but really slow. Congrats!

    Hi Chito, thanks 🙂 I did not expect too to finish that fairly. I was actually having fun pacing myself thinking f it just a practice run. I guess the number of people i was running with made me forget the distance i was running. hopeyou having a good week running!

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