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Project 2: Project Abs


This year this is the 2nd of my (physique) goals.  Project 2 is Project Abs.   A friend told me that I don’t need it because I am already fit, but aside from envying (in a good way), females who have a washboard abs, strengthening the core helps keeps the balance of the body and according to Chinese / Feng Shui medicine, it’s in the abdomen is where you get your good energy at.

Anyway, I’ve noticed i did loose heaps of my body weight for a year but my tummy still kind of remained. Extra skin and fat.  I read that the gut goes last.  Weight loss – check.  Legs and arms toned – check, next is abs!  I am trying to do this program for at least 4-5 days/week  Which is incorporated with my usual running and weights.

1. 16 counts x 8 repetition – crunches on Exercise ball

2. 16 counts x 8 repetition – sit ups

3. 16 counts x 8 repetition – half crunch
4. 16 counts x 8 repetition – Hip lifts

5. 16 counts x 1 repetition – Push-ups
6. 16 counts x 8 repetition – Plank on elbows and toes

7. 16 counts x 8 repetitionv-Up/shoe lace crunches

Still have to do
1. Knee crunches

2. Oblique crunches

3. Side Plank dips

4. Oblique Leg extension
5. Supermans

6. Bridge leg lifts

7. Heel touches

8. Bicycle crunches

9. Half-up twists

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