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Project 1: Training for a Marathon


Today is week 5.  Yes I am able to convince myself to train for a marathon.  I have not registered for a particular event yet but If all goes well with my training, I am hoping to do the Canberra marathon.

That’s the most reasonable one measured to how much time I have in preparation.  Should my body think its not ready for it, well I guess starting this new year for a training on this is a good start at least to catch one marathon for the year of 2009.  Maybe the Gold coast (July) or the Sydney marathon (September) or the Macleay river marathon (June).

I realized that the training itself is as hard as running the distance.  Keeping up with the mileage every week and careful to more or less at least stick to the 10% rule specially that I have injured myself last year for doing too much too soon.

Balancing it with cross training at the gym, trainer bike and recovery swim laps is tough to keep up putting a good mileage per week.  And working 7.5 hours a day, socializing, my passion for traveling and domestic chores! I’m glad I’m still single, I can’t imagine how mothers doing a full time job and training for a marathon do it.  (I maybe pushing myself too much? I don’t think there’s wrong if you want to feel competitive, as long as you keep it in moderation and not feel so obsessed and frustrated if its going to fail)

On this 5th week, I am feeling really physically exhausted even with enough sleep and enough food.  I have been looking for running/training mates who would like to do a marathon or half and run with me on my schedule.  It’s half successful some did not reply, but I am glad to have Tomi and Stephen and now Belinda, motivating and encouraging me to do a morning run at least once in two weeks, one interval training led by Brendan and the Woodstock Weekend run on Saturdays.  The rest is independent running and planning on which route to run.

I did not want to expose this project supposedly as I do not want to jinx it, but I started telling the secret to my Woodie mates then my family and my colleagues, including my big boss (as it gives them an idea to give me a bit of slack time leaving early at work for my “training”).  And just like when you are emotionally exhausted it helps when you vent out.  I am not running a marathon for the sake of saying I did run one and finish it.

I was speaking to Brendan yesterday after the Woodstock Runners Thursday Night Trainings, he said it is good not to set a time for the first time marathon and see how it goes for the next one (If ever I will run one again!).

Not that I am tired of the training, I just wanted to say that it is indeed hard work aside from 1st goal to finish the marathon without walking, I am wanting to finish a decent time on a marathon and finish with dignity.

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  1. 31/01/2009 2:48 am

    Hi Chaia. I agree with Brendan regarding not setting a timetable for the first marathon. However, it appears that you’ve gotten off to a good start in the training. I’ve known people who will say that they’ll do this marathon and it’s three to four months away. Then, there’s the disappointment when they DNF or struggle to finish.

    Still, I think you’re doing this the correct way. My first one was when I was 20 years old. I put a little over a year of training before doing it.

    Hope everything’s well with you. Have a great weekend!

    Hi Wayne, thanks for the encouragement. wow 20 very prime age to do the marathon! I never even thought i would be running when i was at that age! I’ll see how my body takes the training, if it says yes it is ready I will run one 🙂 thanks again! Keep on running!

  2. bobby permalink
    01/02/2009 3:37 am

    Hi Chaia! With the support you’re getting from your family, friends and running mates, I’m sure you can do 42k easily. Hope I could also do the full this year, well a lot of our H@ppy Feet friends are targetting the QC Int’l. Marathon later this year. Hope to see you when you get back for a vacation, stay injury free and goodluck with the training! 😉

    Bobby! Thanks for dropping by my crib. Yes I am glad of that support too :). I don’t know bout doing the marathon easily! haha. it would be hardwork but worth it 🙂 I wish you well on your training as well, and of course i’ll be looking forward to the next run in Philippines with you guys!

  3. sundaywarrior permalink
    05/02/2009 1:09 pm

    Hey it takes a lot of guts to finally decide on doing a full, my first one last year has something to do with my goal of finally stopping smoking and it worked! I got rid of that habit for the last 5 months already so I’m sure of doing 2 more for this year..

    Good to hear that Chito. We do make certain goals that are life changing/transforming. And mostly its more of will power and likeness to achieve the goals you wanted. Everything is achievable. 🙂

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