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Profile 3: Being Fit and weight loss – Tiffin Solis-Parco


When i came back for the first time of me being an “OFW” last December to the Philippines, I was surprised to see the first people that i will see in the airport are the Parco couple, Mark and Tiffany. First, I did not recognize them, but they do look familiar, Mark does look familiar, and the first word i said was “uy!” I can’t even remember his name! Not that I forgot his name, but they looked so fit and lost weight (both of them) since the last time i saw them.

We did not know we were on the same flight back from Singapore to Manila, and they were just coming back from the Singapore Marathon for Tiffin’s first half marathon.Anyway, because of this, I thought i wanted to write bout both of them on how they lost their weight, they do not awfully look overweight but they were fitter now. But Mark told me he do not keep track of his weight but Tiffin does.Well most of the females do keep track of their weight.

So here’s my “interview” with Tiffin, also one of the h@ppy feet runners. And just wanted everyone know that she is a mother of two cute kids, so it does not mean that if you are already a mother, you should not care bout how you look and weigh and your wellness.

me: What is your heaviest weight: Tiffin: 130 lbs
me: What is your current weight: Tiffin: 112 lbs
me: Lightest weight:
Tiffin: 102 lbs
me: What made you realize you need to get back on track and being fit and healthy? Tiffin: the passion of running
me: Do you have a special diet? Tiffin: What is it? none
me: What are the current sports you do aside from running Tiffin: badminton
me: What got you into running? Tiffin:
Here’s a short history how I started running…
After I gave birth to our first born, Cassie, I had hypertension. It was not normal for my age that time ( I was 34 years old then ) that I would be a candidate for a hypertensive. Before we went back to Singapore, I had a hypertension work up and as per my Endocrinologist, I had Conn’s Syndrome. Just to give you a brief background about Conn’s syndrome, it is a one in a million case that’s why Mark was joking me that I hit the jackpot!! There was a nodule found on my left adrenal gland which caused the hypertension.

In Singapore, I was hoping that the nodule is just a post pregnancy situation and my blood pressure would improve but it didn’t. So, I consulted a Cardiologist and Urologist so I was into medication for a year.

We were planning to have another child. My Cardiologist gave me medicines that would not affect the baby( in case I get pregnant).. but my blood pressure got high. We told her that if that would be the case, it would be too risky both for me and the baby. And so, she referred me to an Endocrinologist. It was again confirmed that I had Conn’s syndrome thru blood tests and CT scan.

I used to going to the gym when I was single to release stress from work. I went back when Cassie was 6 months old. I had an injury in my arms in the dance class so I had to stop.. I asked Mark why I don’t loose my post pregnancy fats eventhough I was going to the gym. He encouraged me to run instead..
Mark instructed me to walk and run first then I ran with him by the river which I enjoy seeing Clark Quay, Boat Quay up to Padang Bridge.. He also taught me to do speed training..Running really helped me lower down my blood pressure then. After 4-5 months of running, my weight went down at 102 lbs which is my lowest weight but still had hypertension.
I had a laparascopic surgery in 2005. My left adrenal gland was removed and there were 3 nodules that were found. It was a blessing that my blood pressure got back to normal and I already stopped my medication. After about 3 months, I went back to running.
We came back to Manila in 2006 and still continued my passion for running.
We had our second baby, Carissa on July 2007 and got back into running after 3 months.. I gained a lot of weight since when I was pregnant, I was conscious about gaining but after I gave birth, I just let go and ate a lot. I was 130 lbs then. Because of the support of my coach/husband Mark and his encouragement to join the races, I became a Running A**ict! I joined my 1st half marathon in the Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon last December 7, 2008 which I never ever imagined! I just used to watch Mark do the half marathons then and take pictures of him!
I get depressed when I can’t run or when I’m injured..

Thanks to my coach/husband Mark, who gave me all the encouragement, patience and support to run.. now, I’m a happy feet 🙂

Thanks Tiffin for sharing, hm it seem that she do not have any secrets on lossing her weight but from what I’ve heard she was bitten by the running bug and she is also doing serious coached trainings and that is paying off she is getting faster on every race :). Good work Tiffin!





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  1. 29/01/2009 2:45 am

    Wow, you really lost a lot of weight. Your coach/mentor/laundryman/driver/butler must be very talented! (hehehehe)

    hahaha, you do good for each other. If only more partners/husbands/bfs are like you Mark, rather than always criticizing their girl, then there will be world peace … and good self-esteem for the females :)!

  2. 30/01/2009 3:23 am

    tiffin really looks sexier and prettier everytime i see her. si mark ang jackpot!

    marga! I agree with you!

  3. 30/01/2009 8:36 am

    Tiffin and Mark did well as a couple. They’re like a bunch of kids when together. One can really see that they really support one another.

    This is a nice story Chaia. Nice post!

    Sayang we didn’t get to see each other when you had your vacation here. 😀

    running diva! i reckon that Mark is a very effective motivational and inspirational Fitness Trainer! hehe .. yea you were overseas kse when i was back home…next time 🙂


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