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Chosed Menai Fun Run on Ozzie day


So I chose the Menai Fun Run to run on Australia Day.

Two days before the run, I did not join the Saturday Woodstock run since I was running consecutive run on a Thursday and Friday, my Physio will kill me, or my legs will fail me sooner if i abuse it. So just went for a 17KM Stationary bike at the air-con gym escaping from the 37 degree sweltering heat. Had a recovery dip at the outdoor pool and got invited to go clubbing for a birthday party. Was dancing on a 2 and a half inch heels for 6 hours or more, I swear my feet and legs will go on strike if i do a race the following day. I am glad Sunday I had a rest for this race at Menai.

John D rang me and said he was already at the complex and I must have not heard it as I was in the shower, and they called me again when it was 4 minutes past 620 which is the time we agreed to be picked up. I woke up late and so i have to rush, getting dressed.

So we were joined by Tomi this time who is racing after not doin a race in 4 years. Reached the event area 40 minutes before the race starts after dropping by our usual maccas capuccinos on the way, managed our registration and we were joined by Brendan and Dottie in a short while.

The course of the races is hilly. So 5 days of the event I already started pyshing mysef up. Its helps when you know what to expect than getting there surprised and unprepared!

I was expecting for 45 mins finish if this is hilly. The day is perfect with very cloudy and not so warm and not so cold and not so humid weather. Start comes, first accident of the day, a kid stumbled at the front and a few runners got tripped by this kid who has fallen over. Marshall’s and runners helped to get the kid up . I was doing well for the 8.2km with a 45 min target from the start line. I was doing a negative split of planned at start, it was to fast for a start and i am not even half way through the race that i needed to pace myself knowing i even have not reached the steepest hill at 6 Km.

Brendan was right there were lots of downhill, as much as the number of hills so the course was well compensated and balanced. 1st hill was too steep that you need to be careful not to get knocked over and being gentle on your knees.

I was doing alright, not until i probably have reached the hill before 6KM that i was feeling my legs overheating from climbing the hills, so tempted to walk although seeing runners in front of me continuing to do the run, so i did not stop and never walked.

From the start till the end, we were doing a tight race with this tall girl and Fumi, a fellow Woodie. Fumi, a fitness instructor, is definitely faster than me in hills, and I try to always overtake her on hills. It was good to have Fumi in front or behind me as it pushed and encourage me to do my best and not get beaten by her! He reckons the same after the race that she wanted to go slower but I did just kept encouraging her to go faster.

First time since I had an injury last year, I never felt any pain, even was expecting soreness from the past two days before the race for tiring myself too much. I am guessing the injury has slowly gone away. And I think I had done a good particular cross training that week that helped me recover.

Few more meters after the walk way bridge I know the finish line is somewhere to be seen soon, I was expecting to finish at the big finish banner where the 3KM runners finished so I was waiting for it for at least a sprint finish, it was just like the one in Central Coast where the finish was just there and you’ll know that was it when they are already are clapping and cheering. I’m glad with my time considering it was hilly and my first time, a bit frustrated not to have done better at the end. I’m glad too to have pushed a fellow Woodie Fumi to have done better and finished 4 seconds after me. And finishing with 5 other runners in almost seconds difference.

We did not finish the ceremonies already since awarding anyway in my age category belongs to the open category knowing there were more females ahead of me (of older age category) who finished ahead of me.

I think the speed trainings too with the club is paying off.


After the run we went to the Woodie breakfast run at Maree and Kevin’s (fellow Woodstockers) at Haberfield, and not catching anyone else other than Paul, their in law who is also a Woodie and themselves. Had a good aussie breakfast on the aussie day, and a beer on tap straight from the fridge. Headed home then a recovery swim/snorkle at Clovelly Bay/beach after.

BTW this is my first race for the year and its a good way to start the (Chinese New year) :).  Kung Hei fat choy!

Event: Menai Fun Run
Distance: 8.2 Km
Time: (from my Polar RS200) 41:16
Official Time: 41.02

Results 8 KM
Results 3 KM

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