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Profile 2: Being fit and Weight loss – Brendan Davies


Brendan has been an inspiration to me eversince I have met him and I am sure a number of the Woodstock, non-Woodstock runners too and his fitness friends! He is so fit and runs so fast, and does lead and organized the Woodstock’s Thursday Night Training interval/speed run’s. Never have I thought, that once in his life he was overweight. I remember some days he was telling us bout it but i don’t really believe him not until I saw pictures of him in Facebook. Amazing! So I am writing bout his weight experience on this piece.

me: What was your heaviest weight? Brendan: My weight peaked at around 86kg from memory. Although I was very overweight, I was still reasonably fit…in saying that, I couldn’t run 10km in 35 minutes like I can now, but I could plod around in under an hour. I was playing squash 2-3 nights a week, but struggling through it!

In March 2007 I decided to take up running again. I have run on and off in my life, some competitive stuff but mostly just to keep the weight down and to stay (reasonably) fit. But these patches always seemed to dwindle out, or I lost interest. In my mid 20s I did run for about 6 months and was very fit and probably weighed around 73kg. Between 2003 – 2007 I would have put on about 15kg to that 86kg.

I am not tall either, 170cm, so very overweight for my height! (Short people get fat quicker and unfortunately more obvious too)

My main reason and motivation was that I turned 30 and looked at myself and realised that I was not a healthy person! I wanted to be healthier. I also happened to choose a sport where the weight just came off so quickly. People at my work thought I was sick, eg cancer etc so I had to explain to them all one day that I’m OK, it’s just that I have taken up running as part of my new goal! I didn’t start taking running all that seriously until I joined Woodstock. I wasn’t too concerned about the body shape, eg being fat, but I was concerned about the health aspect, so that was definitely my main motivation. The new body shape is a bonus!

me:so What is your lightest weight or Current weight? Brendan: My current weight is 62kg, it has mostly stayed around this since March this year. So in other words, in one year I went from 86 to 62kg in a year.

I think the lightest I have ever been is just before the M7 marathon this year (July) were I got down to 59kg. I was really trying to find my ideal racing weight. I think that was too light as my body put that weight back on quite easily after that just eating normally but decreasing the training.

me: Is there a certain diet you are in?Brendan: How??? Lots and lots of discipline to diet and exercise. I ran most days, started small and worked my way up to first marathon in September 07. Lost a lot of weight very quickly! I not only ran, but lots of mountain biking and squash. When it came to diet, I was very strict, no junk food, no chocolate, just good fresh food and lots of fruit and veg. I watched my portion sizes and made sure I never overate. It’s amazing that even now, I have relaxed a little on my diet but I still stay clear of take away or soft drink or anything that has little nutritional value. A normal days eating for me will be:

Breakfast: large bowl of cereal, usually weetbix and muesli, banana with skim milk and honey. Coffee and water.
Morning Tea: 2 pieces of fruit, muesli bar
Lunch: Large ham and salad sandwich on multi grain bread, water
(me, comments: arvo is evening in oz slang) tea: don’t usually have this
Tea: Various meat and 3 veg, pasta (spag bog), fish, chicken salad, etc, but I watch how big the serving size is.

I also take some vitamin supplements, glucosamine, iron, mulit vit

So it is not really a special diet as such. The biggest thing I cut back on was junk food and alcohol. I hardly drink now, I used to drink a lot more!

me:Is there any other sports you do aside from running? Brendan: Current sports, I try to run everyday at least 10km, mountain bike, pilates at the gym and rockclimbing sometimes. During squash season I play 2 nights a week for about an hour.


Mind you, eversince his first Marathon, Brendan seem to have been bitten by the Marathon bug, and he did number of marathons last year too since his first on 2007. And did adventure races and six foot track races. Just last January 10, 2009, he registered for his first Ultra Marathon in Narabeen, only having the 6-foot track as his longest races, running 100KM overnight was his first. So amazing for a first timer to have won the 1st place in the event, averaging below 5min/km pace and a max pace of of 5min/KM all through out the race.

Reading bout that one, well yes he is still human, talked to him Thursday after the TNT sessions and he says he do have tendonitis currently from the ultra. Yet that has not stopped him from doing his fitness routines.  More bout his story on his ultra here.

Thanks Brendan for sharing!


heavier Brendan

very fit Brendan

very fit Brendan

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  1. 28/01/2009 2:09 am

    Wow! I want those results!! 😀

    of course you will get that results, I see that you are really persevered to loose weight, just keep continuing what you are doing and you will get there.


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