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Hello babies!


It’s a new year and in days time Chinese New year is due, I’m not Chinese but i believe of feng shui of it.

One of the things of practice on a start of a year is new things aside from the resolutions. I said good bye to my NB 390, and since last week I have been try trying to find a replacement. I did some window shopping for shoes in Rebel Sports hoping they still do have their sale, unfortunately not anymore and the shoes i wanted were not available. I did take not of the prices tho.

This Saturday, I went to check my neighbor Running Science shop. To see and check their options on shoes. I was gauged the first time visited them to have a neutral pronation. I really like the assistants in this shop, they are very friendly and enthusiastic in what they do. So they got my foot size, which i am surprised that feet most of the time differ in sizes on left and right. my right foot is half inch bigger than my left one.

So the assistant gave me options on the right shoes for my feet. Asics, Nike and Mizuno. It took me almost an hour to choose. It is difficult to choose if you have 3 pairs that you really like and fits your fit well. I did settle with the Nike Lunar (200AUD) and a Mizuno Wave Rider which I am happy is on sale at 70AUD. I also got discount having been a Woodstock Runner member for 10% so I only paid 250AUD for two pairs! 🙂 I am happy. The average price in rebel Sports for these shoes was 239AUD. So officially i got my new babies at last!

Sunday, since i did not go race at the Sydney marathon clinic, I decided to give one of my babies a break-in. I gave my Lunars a trip at my Blackwattle-iron cove route. The shoes is great. It is light and snug like my Nike free. But it is more cushioned than my Nike free. It is like running on marshmallows. So my legs are happy with it. I am a bit warry of the color. Not the neon swoosh, or the rubber-ducky-kind-space-astronaut-like soles but the white mesh canvass it will get dirty/soiled easily. I don’t think I will wear them on a rainy race/run.



Today, I did give my Mizuno waverider 11 a run around the bay.  This shoes is so snug and a bit lighter for a slight bulky shoes.  I was running faster with it though.  I just think i will not run with it too much on down hill courses.



They are now an additional member to the “imeldific” collection of shoes I have.  No i do not run with 4 pairs of legs, but it is actually healthier for your legs to at least have an alternate shoes to avoid injuries.


Nike Lunar:
– Run with it first time on a long run, with thick socks – i felt invincible and fast and comfortable and knees are protected
– Run with it again with a thin socks on a long run – comfortable but I got blisters in my big toes, both feet and my the part where your tendon is on the right foot (I asked Martin, Woodie mate, if he experienced the same as he have the same shoes and he said yes)
– I don’t think the principle of wearing half size bigger running shoes apply to me.  My New Balance sis half inch bigger my size and i did have to wear double socks on my right to feel comfy.  I definitely will wear thicker and longer socks if I run with this.
– Have to give it another try i am still not comfortable racing with this shoes

Mizuno Wave Rider11:
Since it is just right on my shoe size, I tried wearing thick socks on short run – no, too snug
– Thin socks, short run – yes
– Still have to go running with it on thin socks, long run
– I am already comfortable to race with this shoes

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  1. sundaywarrior permalink
    20/01/2009 7:04 am

    Nice shoes you have there with a good price at the same time..Keep on running!

  2. witchkitty permalink*
    20/01/2009 11:34 am

    Thanks Sunday warrior! keep running yourself 🙂

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