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Buggered and Rundown


Before I did go for my holidays last December, I did visit the physiotherapist since the last pain I was feeling was really bugging me and I know it is not right to keep on doing exercise if you feel extreme pain of any sort. The Retinaculum injury became a bone stress injury to the postero-medial border of the tibia. It was not that bad since it is not an actual fracture yet so I am glad i did had it corrected and had consultations.

Stress Injury in the tibia is better understood as frequently overuse injury or Repetitive stress injury (RSI) of bone, or stress reaction. This is due to too much compression or pressure a bone can handle when there is excessive amount of stress or repetitive stress is occurring without the bone having adequate rest to allow for adaptation to the stress. In essence, the stress that creates these injuries is too much,too soon for the bone. more

I think that my therapist, was aware about a runner’s withdrawal syndrome when told to rest. She did not tell me to stop running for weeks, instead recommended to do cross-training with my running. Do weights, bike, swim and the like.

So I did follow her advice and reduced my running from 6 days a week to 4-5 days a week. It was going on holiday moon anyway that December.

Before I left Sydney I did have my last check up and she told me I am getting better and I am fit to do the half marathon (Central coast) and see her if the pain still persists when i get back this new year. Guess what? of course I was stubborn, what’s new? While on vacation i was still doing running at least 7-10KM a day at the athletic oval. I think I did get the injury track athletes get for running one way, although i did try to change my direction, i still can feel that one of my legs is putting more effort that the oter one. So I rested for 2 weeks a good excuse since its the Christmas day and New year’s day and I was traveling back.

I am convinced i needed a therapy as the pain did not leave me since last week with my first run for the year. Finally yesterday I am able to schedule another session next week.

Since Monday, I also did cut down on running due to colds and fluish feeling. Maybe because i was rundown, and buggered from New year’s celebration and withdrawal syndrome of going back to work from holidays. I stubbornly ran last Monday, Wednesday which it did worsen my condition, surprisingly yesterday I just did half kilometer lap at the pool and a rest in the sauna made me feel better from my colds. I know that I shouldn’t be doing any exercise when your sick since when you get tired your immune system does go down, maybe it also does the opposite, exercise strengthens and builds your immune system. I do not know I am not a doctor. :p But I am glad I am feeling better now, hoping to do the Saturday runs with the Woodies.

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