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Happy 2009!


I’m finally back in Ozzie land. And did have at least a week and a half of rest since 22 of December from running.

I missed the Twighlight series at Iron cove, as I was catching up with friends after 22 days of Holidays in Philippines.

I’m glad to have had my first run for the year in my turf for 7KMs last Saturday. I still am sure can feel the pain in my left leg. I’m sure something is wrong but the physio will only be back on the 10th from her holidays.

I am missing my family again after being used to having them around for almost a month with the pets and cable TV and doing nothing, yet i am glad to still have my desk and job despite the global economic crisis and job cuts all over.

Happy new year to everybody and good tidings to all of us!

Cheers to 2009!

P.s. To all who sent me new year’s greetings thank you. Thanks for Barangay Tumapang for adopting me in their family and have joinde them for New Year’s Eve Dinner, to Adrian and Tomomi who took care of my mails while i was away, Sissi and Martin for the wonderful NY day lunch and late tea/dinner and Swim at Manly, and the cricket game invitation yesterday at SCG. I’m starting to catch up my Oz life again.


our view of the cricket game at SCG

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