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ICTUS UP Centennial Run


While I was planning my trip home for the Holidays to the Philippines, I was trying to see if I would still be able to catch a race in Manila before I go home to my hometown in Baguio. I am glad I was informed that Coach Rio, has organized the UP ICTUS Centennial run on 14th of December. I was excited for a comeback run, and supposedly a friendly race with Mon Domingo, h@ppy Feet competitor, after he outrun me the last race I was in Manila before I left Philippines. I was looking forward to racing this run.

Guilty as charged, I always try to schedule a race if time permits on every trip/travel I have, or schedule a trip when there’s a scheduled race in that destination. It’s just like carrying my runners and swimmers whenever I travel. Its not about running all races like mad, but its fun doing a run on a travel destination.

Anyway, I traveled on the 13th of December at 3am from Baguio to Manila for errands and attended the scheduled Christmas get-together with the h@ppy feet, then I dropped by for a short time for the CS Manila Christmas party where I end up sleeping around 2am. I asked a favor from a fellow h@ppy feet, Felipe, if I can hitch a ride going to UP on the race day. He happily agreed to meet on or before 5am that Sunday. On the night before I was going to travel, I can feel that I would have injured left leg again form my training at the track field. Its painful but tolerable. I was afraid, it would affect my performance. I ignored it and packed my running gear anway and it was done, Philip already have registered me.

So I was sleeping at a friend’s house, alarmed my phone at 10 minutes before 4, afraid I might not wake up on time because from tiredness from the bus travel and late night out, I got up on the first alarm and got read to meet Felipe, I was also met by John Ting at our rendezvous. We arrived the race venue30 minutes before the gun start, I was ecstatic to see b3n and RC on their photo booth. It is so nice to race once again in the UP grounds. I was glad to have met Philip, the Foreign runner, who generously registered me for the event. He was a fast runner that he got 3rd place later on the 10KM race.

So at 6am, gun was shot, the race route was different from the last race I ran in the University, I thought I was doing well, I did not see any female runners ahead of me not until the 3 turn around point on the first lap, where I was told I am the 2nd female place by the “ribbon-girl.” On the 4 th KM I felt warm. The weather was humid and warm, I feel I was getting exhausted quickly. So on every water station I always grabbed two cups of water, one for drinking and one for splashing on my face. The race route is two laps on and on the 2nd lap on the 6th KM, I reckon, another female runner overtaking me, so I thought I would even slip till 4th as I can feel my legs complaining of tiredness, maybe lack of sleep and the weather, I did not give up. If I remember rightly, its just her who overtook me on the 2nd lap. I saw the 8th KM Marker and I started picking my pace up, I was impatiently looking for the 9KM marker but there was none, but shortly I saw the Finish banner at my sight. Running on constant pace, I was trying to measure when I run faster and sprint. The Finish chute is a bit incline with a few meters negative incline. I finished the race.



At the recovery area, a bottle of water, rush, Krispy Crème donuts, commemorative singlet and a free race photo was given to all finishers. This is my first time to attend a full-on Rio organized run, and I can attest to the comments fellow runners have been giving for Rio. The race was properly marked, enough water, photographers everywhere, route is challenging with a good share of inclines. Registration is organized and the finish chute was very well arranged, no overcrowding and a timer was provided. It was a good race.

I learned, I finished 3rd overall for females, amongst the two faster runners than me who are both Americans. We received recognition on stage, gift certificate from Krispy Cremes, 1 box of bottled mineral water, 1 box of Rush energy drink, 1 singlet and a Nike sock was given as prize for the top 3 runners. I was pleased to have finished the race without walking, even I have not acclimatized to the weather yet, and my position overall for females. Frustrated it was not the fastest time for my 10KM, I think weather does affect your running performance. I can feel I did reinjure myself, and I will need to rest and visit the physio when I get back. Left leg is painful, so I am resting this week.

Event: UP ICTUS Centennial Run
Venue: University of the Philippines campus, Quezon City, Philippines
Distance: 10.1644 KM
Time: 52:55 – 3rd overall female


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  1. 18/12/2008 3:07 pm

    congrats Chaia! i finally get to see you in action last Sunday.

  2. witchkitty permalink*
    18/12/2008 4:32 pm

    Thanks Wilbert! It was a pleasure too meeting you. Good luck on your runs and on your trip to Seattle, make sure you catch a race when you get there!

  3. 20/12/2008 11:37 pm

    Chaia, congratulations again. Hope you’re having a good vacation in Baguio. Happy Holidays and a safe and prosperous 2009!

  4. witchkitty permalink*
    22/12/2008 1:33 pm

    Thanks Wayne! You too have a chilly wonderful Holidays in SFO 🙂

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