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Central Coast Half Marathon


Two weeks ago, I was frustrated for not able to run a planned half Marathon race in the Sri Chimnoy Series race because of an injury/pain I have been feeling in my feet on and off.

I consulted a Physiotherapist and learned I did have a stress injury that if I would have pushed myself with the pain I would have gotten a stress fracture.  I was glad I listened to my body and rested for a week.  Did nothing basically which i could have gone swimming or biking.  The physio said it does not mean I should stop running but she said i need to do at least 2 days rest a week and do something else like swimming and bike or weights.  So that week after, I did have a rest of swim and weights in between and slow patient distant runs.  I was wanting to do the Half marathon which Brendan and Martin have talked me into.

I was not feeling too confident to do a half coming from therapy and rest so I told my mates we will see tomorrow, I will register on the day if its 9KMs or 21.5 KMs. 

The venue is far bit from Sydney and starts at 7 am! I arranged to be picked up by John instead of Brendan as originally planned due to logistics.  So by430 I woke up, just like during Manila races, and John was already at the complex by 5am.  Off we went.

It was raining, or showering on our way.  And I realized on my way, I remembered going to this area! I thought it was my first time.  I was brought by Renelyn and Adam last year to see the feeding of the Pelicans and see the “The Entrance.”  I only remembered when John was telling me about the place.  We had a pit stop of coffee at McDonalds, and arrived at the venue around 630am where we saw Thalia and Mark already registered and pinning their bibs.

I felt I am okey to do the half marathon.  No pains and i told myself to just take it  easy.  I registered in the half, John in the 9KMs who is also recovering from a pulled Hamstring.  15 minutes before the start, Brendan and Martin came racing off the Registration table telling us they almost got super late because they got lost. Enough to get the adrenaline rushing.  Both doing the half marathon as well.

I told John if he would not mind waiting for me not more than 2 hours and 10 minutes maximum that i will be finishing the race.  The drizzle stopped raining when the gun was shot at 6:59 am.  The route was almost flat, beside the beach with a number of inclines from climbing the wooden bridges.  And its in a walk/bike path on a residential area.  The drizzle made the weather conditions a bit humid good thing there was no strong sunlight.  Along the course you see birds and i saw 3 Pelican audiences watching the runners pass by them.  It was nice running in between trees.

I was doing a negative split of 5min/km until the 10KM marker so I thought I was doing well.  I was pacing with Linda, another woodie mate who is doing her half wanting to finish at 1:54 mins is doing well, left her at the 7KM marker almost.

The running crowd is thinning out almost did run faster and are far ahead of us.  I can feel my legs getting sore and tired at the 11.5 KM marker so i was slowing down I reckon i was doing around 5 to 5.1 min/km on that half of the race.

At the half of the race one man overtook me but i did took over my position back and almost overt took 4 more male runners after which no one have overtook me till the finish.  500 m away from the finish at the bridge where the start was, I started to pick my pace up and 200 meters decided to sprint, hearing Martin cheering loudly.  I can not see any finish chute or timing clock,  i was tired and feeling wanting to puke… there was two witch hats  i passed which i took as the finish line.  Looked at my watch (yes I bought myself a Polar finally! – ill blog that next year maybe), and it was 1:49:xx, so since we started at 6:59 that’s 1:50 minutes for me.

All Half Marathon runners received a commemorative medal and a certificate and certificates for the 9KM runners.  This Running event is a part of their Mardi Gras festival in Gosford.


I was pleased. 4 minutes off my Sydney Bridge Half Marathon, and straight off from injury.  Everybody in the race had a good time i think because of the course, and just enough crowd.  Just not enough filled cups with water which is a bit difficult.  Aside from that i did apply what i read from Baldrunner’s tips, 1) run a straight line and from Runner’s world Australia 2) go to the middle table in the drinking station, pinch the cup to form a spout for ease of drinking and keep running while drinking also helped.

We did attend for a while for the awarding ceremonies, where John got himself another bling.  1st place in his age category. 

don't mind my rolled up singlet it was hot, i forgot to roll it down for vanity's sake!

don't mind my rolled up singlet it was hot, i forgot to roll it down for vanity's sake!

And we headed back to Sydney after stopping over at John’s Runner/swimmer friend Peter.  On our way we almost did run out of gas and we were lucky to find a gas/convinient shop where their pumping machine is broken BUT! the man do have a gallon of gas for us. phew! anyway it was a good trip and race.

Event: Central Coast Half Marathon
Venue: Gosford, NSW
Distance: 21.5 KMs
provisional Time: 1:50:xx – PB

Results coming soon

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  1. 15/12/2008 11:03 pm

    Wow, sounds like a bit of a tough challenge! I want to do this one day… but i’m not nearly as fit as you. Nice to catch up with your blog too, i wrote a bit and remembered last Christmas with your family in Baguio, really good times 🙂

    Happy Holidays to you and your family, pass on my regards to them all…


  2. witchkitty permalink*
    17/12/2008 8:47 am

    Glenn, its fun! I know you have been enjoying your soccer too. I miss my soccer days big time. Maybe I will join one of the groups in Sydney next year or just be a trainor for a kids group or sumthing.

    Exactly i am reminiscing the days when you were here last year for the Christmas i am g;ad you still remember it, the family still do remember you and they were asking me about you too. Hope you enjoy your holidays in Amsterdam!

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