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Woodstock Christmas Party and Year Awards


I have been with the Woodstock Running club since July or June of 2008 and this is my first time to attend the Woodstock Christmas Party.  This year it was held at the Drummoyne Sailing Club just across where I live.

Tomomi and I walked from the complex to the Club and found a number of the members already socializing and seated.

Food was okey.  Finger foods of Fried spring rolls, mini pizzas, chips, and seafood.  Drinks were reasonably priced for none members.


The highlights of the party was the year ender awarding ceremonies.

Below is the results of the awards and the nominations:

Most Improved Runner
Male :
Martin Amy, Brendan Davies, Stephen Laws, John Ovenden, Mark O’Donnell
Female: Thalia Anthony, Michelle Warren, Bronwyn Hager, Manal Garcia, Maree Lucas, Charissa Patacsil

Rookie Of The Year
Mark O’Donnell
, Michelle Warren, Megan Hager, Charissa Patacsil, Bronwyn Hager, Andrea Lung, Linda Barwick.

Long Distance Trophy
Brendan Davies
, Martin Amy, Thalia Anthony, Rick Collins

Most Outstanding Individual Road Running Race
Brendan Davies – Canberra Marathon, 2:49:49, 23rd Outright, 21 min PB
Brendan Davies – Macleay River Marathon, 2:47:36, 2nd Outright, 2:12 PB
Brendan Davies – City to Surf 52:37, 10:50PB
Brendan Davies – Six Foot Track, 4:04:47
Martin Amy – Sydney Marathon, 2:55:56 (PB)
Kazu Takahashi – City to Surf, 52:36

Lyn Jackson – Sydney Marathon Clinic
Lyn Jackson – City to Surf 61:55
Michelle Warren – Sydney Marathon, 5:21:49
Michelle Warren – Melbourne Marathon, 5:05:41
Bronwyn Hager – Bridge Run, 39:32
Bronwyn Hager – Striders 10km,
Holly Muir – Sutherland to Surf, 45:26
Thalia Anthony – Sydney Half Marathon, 1:44:44

Club Champion
Male: Brendan Davies, Martin Amy, John Dawlings.
Female: Thalia Anthony, Lyn Jackson, Dot Siepmann, Lorraine Spanton

Runner Of The Year
Brendan Davies
, John Dawlings, Martin Amy, Thalia Anthony, Charissa Patacsil, Dot Siepmann, Kerry Bray, Rick Collins

Champion Person
Kay Johnson, Barry Cole, Brendan Davies, Colin Townsend, Dot Siepmann, Rick Collins

Most Outstanding Team Road Running Performance
City to Surf – Mixed (2nd Place)
Brendan Davies, Martin Amy, Thalia Anthony

City to Surf – Veteran Men 55+ (2nd Place)
John Dawlings, Rick Collins, Stretch Fowler

City to Surf – Veteran Woman 55+ (2nd Place)
Dorothy Siepmann, Maree Lucas, Kerry Bray

President’s Award: Rick Collins
Lifetime Membership Awardee: John Dawlings

Surprisingly, I am very flaterred even to have not able to grab any of the awards to make into the nominations.

Brendan who grabbed most of the bling, I think deserves the awards he got.  He has been voluntarily doing speed interval training for the club (for free) every Thursday.

There were 45 out of 108 members who attended the party.  I left withe John D., Tomomi and we were driven home by Stretch.

Afterwhich i arrived home to do my packing I suddenly missed Woodstock bigtime, I realized that they have been a big help for me to cope with Australia and Sydney life.  I can recall Brendan and Martin asking me: “Do you have friends and family here in Sydney? … aside from  Woodstock of course” they asked, that statement is really true not all probably know and I haven’t met everybody yet but I do feel they are my Family in Sydney.

Congratulations to the award winners and Woodstock, I will see you when I get back next year :).

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