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Deli for Christmas anyone?


3 more days and I am off for my Holidays! part of this is a tradition of getting my Deli from a friend every Christmas. This has been going on like 7 or 6 years. Wow i did not even think it was that long! My good friend is already in US and trying her luck with a career she is happy with and left with the business are her sons whom are my friends too, Dx and Mekong. This business has been there for quite sometime i think, and its a backyard business, what i mean is its not very commercial and it does taste very good. My Family always look forward to it every time i come home from Manila. Now that I am coming home for holidays I will not break the tradition and I am looking forward to it. I sent Mekong an email telling him my orders and I am surprised they already set up a website for the business and I am very pleased with the good work they put into it.

Anyway anyone in Metro Manila should give this a try and you’ll take my word for it :). And they do deliver and gift package as giveaways for the Holidays 😀 And they renamed it as Sankt Anton Swiss Deli


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