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Ben Chan: H@ppy feet made it in the papers again!


A week ago Tanya Lara encouraged the h@ppy feet mates to go buy the Philippine Star Newspaper for last Saturday’s edition, she was not telling us why.

Now that it came out, guess what? It was Ben Chan, one of our h@ppy feet friends was on the paper. Tanya, a writer for Philippine Star, pens about Ben on his passion on photography and running …

tanyaThe first time he took a camera and decided he was going to be a photographer, Ben Domingo M. Chan spent the whole day going around the city. He went to Manila Bay, to Luneta, to Nayong Pilipino and all the obligatory places that a novice photographer goes to. By sunset, he was shooting his 42nd frame. He was very pleased that his 36-frame roll of film had extras. Then it dawned on him: maybe something was wrong.

He opened the camera carefully and found out the film hadn’t spooled properly. He had been shooting the whole day on one overexposed frame.

The first time he decided to run a full marathon, Ben didn’t have any training either. He was going to Los Angeles and found out that the LA Marathonread more

And some of his works on his running friends made it in the same article, flattered i made it too in the papers!



Coach Rio:

Coach Joar:


The Bull Runner:



Pat Concepcion:

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  1. sfrunner permalink
    04/12/2008 3:13 am

    Chaia, it will be interesting how Ben’s next blog entry will come out. However, I’ll say that I’m humbled and honored to be a part of this list. I’ve met everyone except Kim and I believe Coach Joar, although he may have recognized me at the Nike Clinic.

    It was a terrific article by Tanya and well deserved write-up on Ben. He’s a terrific photographer and friend. It was a fun and rewarding six hours with Ben and his assistant – Kevin during the shoot.

    Enjoy the time in the Philippines! Please take care.

  2. witchkitty permalink*
    04/12/2008 2:27 pm

    oh my ! something to keep looking forward to! the teaser of one of the shots do look good i may say! looking forward to your profile online 😉 woohoo! B3n is very professional.

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