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No Half Mara today: When your body takes a strike


Friday I did register to do the half marathon for Sri Chimnoy in Centennial park, that is a race i was aiming to do a supposedly last half marathon before the year ends. Well not after Brendan and Martin wanted to the the Central coast on the 7th of December. (I hope nothing comes up that will bail us out from doing this)

I was training for it for the last two months, even having had an injury from one short run that i lasted to take two more races that the injury seem to have gone away itself. My Woodstock mates kept to reminding me to slow down I might have been taking too much mileage lately. Which I did, cut a few kilometers and did slow paces. Last Friday I did a “long run” before the race on Sunday. I felt a little pain in my left foot which i think my old shoes is causing me so i did try to adjust my shoes and laces repeatedly even finding out it was not even tight. Its a pain in the area where you tie your shoe laces on. Its the same area where i felt pain 3 weeks ago, the one that went away on my right foot. Anyway I did finish the 16Kms last Friday, i did stretch before and after so I was bothered what have caused it.

Friday, was the office Christmas party, wore my high heels, and i thought that’s okey as i will have saturdy to rest my foot anyway. Did not do a lot of walking and dancing and standing so that is ok i guess. Saturday, I did intend not to go to the Woodstock run as it will be my rest day for the Sunday’s race. But did have plans to go for a walk and a day in Palm Beach with CS girls. Did a lot of climbing of stairs and walk in the sand which is far difficult, so maybe that would have caused my foot more pain?

Saturday I went home early for the race, stretches and massaged my feet, I know and I am aware it was painful and is already bothering my psychologically. Yet i told myself i will go away. I was awaken by my neighbor’s loud music at 5am even before my alarm went off. So did my rituals and drank lot of water, geared up with my Woodstock uniform. Went to the bus stop, it was cold and dark and windy. My foot was in pain, which i am trying to ignore while praying hope the bus comes soon as I will miss the race if it doesnt come in time. It did not feel it was right. I told myself if the bus does not come in 20 minutes time, it means I should miss the race, I was thinking of getting a taxi though, 745am, no bus 20 minutes after the scheduled arrival :(, i needed to take the taxi, then rain fell. I took it as sign of just staying and not going. I know its too much excuses, but I thought, if i wanted to run, I would not do it for 10KMs even as it will result to a worse race time, what more for a half marathon (which is even 23 KMs more than a half at 21).

Before I left the bus stop, i did contemplate, if i just take off and tae the taxi run the half marathon with the pain, do a bad time and possibly injure myself forever, its not worth it. I did run to the complex t test if it does really hurt or can I bear it, it does hurt indeed. Frustrated at myself, my foot I retired back my flat convincing myself its not painful but it is, I changed back and went back to sleep.

It was not a good day for me, one of the days i feel bad, guilty, frustrated. surprisingly my body felt so tired, i slept till 2 in the afternoon. It as my body that was so tired my mind was’nt. I did a research of the pain I am feeling and I found out it is called: Extensor Retinaculum Injury and Extensor Digitorum Longus tenosynovitis. (photo borrowed from )

Extensor Retinaculum Injury and Extensor Digitorum Longus tenosynovitisIt is a chronic inflammation of the Superior and or Inferior Extensor retinaculum. This condition has been well documented in gymnasts, ballet dancers and soccer players. It usually presents as posteromedial ankle pain, worsened by plantarflexion activities. Although conservative therapy benefits most patients, some recalcitrant cases may require surgical intervention. This is the first case report that describes the occurrence of this condition in a runner with an anomalous flexor hallucis longus muscle. increasing incidence of tendinitis and overuse syndromes in athletes has paralleled the increasing enthusiasm for preparation and participation in sports.53 Up to 50% of all sports participants will be injured, and 25% to 50% of these injuries will be attributed to overuse.

It’s obvious where I got it, over usage! Might be going for phyio this week, will be tapering, and taping it and do shorter slower runs. I need my runs, i want to run the half mara before i head back Philippines, because I am stubborn and running is therapy.

Anyway, from the reports, which i could not resist of reading the Sri Chimnoy race went well, wet and cold but everybody seem to have enjoyed it. My Woodstock mates : 4kms: Kerry Bray; 7Km: Linda Barwick,Michelle
Warren, Dot Siepmann, 23 Kms: Martin Amy, Mark O’Donnell-Anthony, did the run. Hopefully i will do a return run of the series next year, and when my foot is better.



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