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n578681101_1545758_8348 At 6PMish Tuesday, I was planning for a 21KM run but as usual, whenever I planned to go out from work early something comes up. Never fails! Then I got a beep in my phone, it was Stephen, Woodstock running buddy, asking if I’m free to do run for the morning. I confirmed for the usual 615 meet at King George Park.

I was hoping that i can get home by as early as quarter before 7 I still can squeeze and manage a 7KM run around the bay and do 10KM more in the treadmill when it gets dark, unfortunately I did left work 10 minutes past 7, and found out that it rained. I might have not done the planned run eventually I told myself so i felt better. Must do the the treadmill and bike I told myself on my way home. So immediately headed to the gym finding out that none of the machines were working! bummer! I did the bike with the big wheel instead. It was tougher than the normal one as it has more tension. Did 30 minutes of it and did my leg press and core.

Surprisingly, I felt very tired and exhausted that day. Just had Tuna, apple, cucumber and yogurt for dinner. Thinking if i would be able to run tomorrow with light dinner, its just 7Km told myself i will be fine.

Worked till 1245 on midnight before heading to bed. Set my alarm at 545 ample time to prepare and meet Steve at KG park. Remembered snoozing the alarm twice.

Guess what? i did hot turn alarm off. Woke up, its 628am!! very very late! Sent SMS to Steve
me: Stephen!!! I overslept 😦 I am sorry
*ring ring*
Stephen: Im waiting at the bridge come down I’ll wait for you.
Good heavens! Jumped off the bed, changed to running gear and washed my face, off I go. Did not know it was raining! Poor Steve waiting for me he prolly be wet from the rain! Found him waiting with his umbrella.

So we walked towards his car, left his umbrella and had to jog/run and start immediately or we will be late for work. It was drizzling, it was actually good. Was not cold. It was nice having the rain drops on your face. Should have dressed in shorts and singlet rather than leggings and my long sleeve, as it is more likely i get colder if it totally get drenched by the rain. What just eeky bout it is when mud sticks and splashes on the legs and your running shoes and wet socks.

We were actually doing the run really quick, and he decided we do 1 Km speed run over Timbrell Park and asked me I can do it at 4 and a half minute per kilometer pace. We just did it at 4.40. We were doing faster than 4.40 on every 100m mark so we slowed down until we got the right tempo. Last 300 meters we pushed it to be faster and did it at 4.30! i was puffed, bum and hamstring hurts. But felt pleased.

Back to the bay route on a recovery pace. Back in KG park drenched, tired but satisfied.

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