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Sydney Marathon Clinic


Friday night checked on the location where Smithfield is as the only race for Sunday is the Sydney Marathon Clinic. I have been checking out the discussion on the forum on this topic and finally decided I am not going as it is impossible to get there without any transpo.

Saturday, I told myself I am goig to run with Woodstock. I was a bit hesitant to go as it was drizzling, so i just went with my running attire with windbreaker and umbrella just in case everybody decides to just head off to Bowman coffee shop instead. So I arrived Brett Park early and did some stretching along with chit chat with the other Woodstock. That’s where I got talked into going for the run by Deirdre. I Couldn’t resist! And come to think of it the only reason i was not going supposedly is because i did not know where it is and i do not have any ride going to the venue. And I really did not intend to do the half marathon, not that my body is not ready I think its more of my brain telling me NO. I was more psyched to do the one next Sunday if nothing comes up. 10KMs only I told Deirdre and she said yes because it is the same distance she was running. So it would be a slow run for that Saturday for me as I will be racing tomorrow. Well not until a new cmer, Olat, from Basque, paced with me! oh man she was fit and quick so she was new and she was not familiar with the route (and so am i!) but I did not want her to feel unwelcomed to the group, as I myself is just new to the club as well. So there goes my “slow” Saturday run :D. We were still at the middle pack but still quick, hoping i still can do good on the Sunday race I told myself.

Saturday night, i was worried as I did not rest my legs for the week that I will do well. I was so hungry that the night before I also ate 1 large fried rice in a Chinese cafe. Earlier that night too, I got an email from John, volunteering for a lift to Smithfield! He is not running but volunteering. Anyway, I slept early as we start from my place at 630am. Got up 550, took a shower, put on my attire, changed my mind from wearing my leggings to shorts as it was cloudy not raining as what the forecast says.

While waiting for Deirdre, i was doing my stretching at the sidewalk, and by 635, Dierdre arrived. Off we go to the unpopular, not so scenic boring route as I always here from Woodstock mates Smithfield. So we registered, and saw Dot stationed as a volunteer in the registration booth, she was doing the 5KMs. Then later on we were joined by Leslie who is also doing the 10KMs. At the start/finish chute we saw John with stop watch. Saw another Woodstock Michelle doing the 5KMs. Horn hooted at 730, enough time when the half marathoners are doing their turn around. My “nemesis”, Corrine Fulford, decided to stand beside me on the start chute! She really is not my nemesis perse but she is very young and a quicker runner than me and always beats me. And we were exchanging joke/remarks before the start.

So off we go. Oh man, I can feel my glutes really complaining from doing runs everyday last week and its going to kill me anytime i am telling myself. Psyching back, i told myself “oh i do love the pain, bring it on!” I was literally counting kilometers left on the race. The area was on a industrial area, no human traffic, less vehicular traffic, few inclines with two at least maximum incline areas, I would not call it as hill as it is not a hill, but you can almost call it a hill due to the the degree of inclination. In short, it was not a flat course. Good thing is the inclines are stretches, meaning, i was looking forward to the stretches of down hill. From the start I got overtaken by two females, Corrine and another one, after which, no female overtook me on loop 1. I can recall maybe max 5 males did, funny, because all of them were already way ahead! The course was very well marked and enough water stations. Although it was not all paved/asphalt route, there was a need to run on dirt and or grass. (which surprisingly I was comfortable with it since i was practicing my injured ankle on grass since last week). Seeing the 9KM marker and it was a downhill, i was happy and just did my best without triggering any feeling of stitches, reflux or right leg acting up.

Sprinted my best on the grassy finish chute, my bib number was called, 66-female-49.21. Oh my! I was pleased! I thought it was another 51:xx minutes! I am happy. And oh something that I’ve been doing since the last Sunday’s race and my training runs around the bay, is instead of throwing the water left in my cup i just splash in into my face (talk about the osmosis effect!), it actually does give a sense of relief.

Along the run, I met Woodstockians doing the Half marathon: Brendan, followed by Martin, then Vass (haven’t met him yet but knew his name from John), then Mark, then Jeff, Thalia and Linda. Not able to wait and finsh till the half finished as we left but saw Brendan and Martin finishing 6th and 7th respectively. It was not an easy course, not as tough as the other races but a challenging course I say. It was a good race, with cloudy and cold temperature, perfect running condition! No awards or anything, No awards is given to non-members. No ceremonies, but one big ceremony is done every after SMC season is over.

Event: Sydney Marathon Clinic
Location: Rosford Reserve, Smithfield, NSW
Distance: 10KM
Time: 49:20″81′


Origin of the Sydney Marathon Clinic

A year even before i was born In 1978! SMC website states that “a Group of runners from Sydney visited New Zealand to run in the Hamilton Marathon. After the marathon, three members of the group went on a tour and were impressed by the Kiwis approach to training for such events that when they returned home, they decided to establish a club based on what they had learned there.”

Since then the Group had its Club house at Rosford St. Reserve, Smithfield, thus the event venue. The race series were programmed to help you gauge the level of fitness in preparation of the marathon and or any runs during the fun-run seasons. The SMC runs are held on every 3rd Sunday of each month.

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