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Photovendo: Your Online Race Photos


It was just like 7 months ago, weeks before I left Philippines, my running mate b3n aka Photographer on the Run, was consulting me about the feasibility, technology and how abouts having an online shop. B3n was looking into venturing by expanding his photography hobby into a business and having his photographs available online. We are talking bout the photography sets he took for some events and photo shoots for companies and models.

Not after that, more than a month ago it was not a big surprise that he was able to launch his beta version of his online shop – Photovendo. Not only that, it caters the running races events in Manila (hopefully all other races, Triathlon, biking, adventure races online soon). I reckon, b3n (having have searched online), is the pioneer of having this kind of website in the Philippines.

It was his experience when he run a marathon in US and online photos were so dear is one reason that inspired him to put up this website. Its a combination of his two loves. Running and Photography.


Comparing his prices to the international event photographers, Photovendo sells the pictures way so affordable. I wish a event photographer like b3n would sell pictures not because of profit but because of his love in taking photos and racing. Now you can not blame me, and i am so guilty about it, for taking my race pictures online with the watermark. In fairness I always take credit of the photographer’s name and URL for other online users to refer to.

My well wishes to b3n for the job well done and the guts and belief of able to put up a business of what he can call his own.

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  1. 17/11/2008 12:52 pm

    Hey Chaiaket,

    Finally I can access your blog but not thru office Internet but outside. I will try to read more of your entries here when I get the time. See you soon here!

  2. witchkitty permalink*
    17/11/2008 11:32 pm

    good to hear Roselle! Ill see you soon! looking forward to going home 🙂

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