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Fisher’s Ghost Fun Run 2008


A month ago, John Dawlings sent an email to the Woodstock Running club for whoever is keen to run and join the Fisher’s Ghost fun run at Campbelltown. Hoping that if we get enough runners for each gender at least 4 member’s each we can qualify to join as a group. I signed up, Thalia, Dot and the Hager sisters did too for the female. John, Martin, Brendan, and Greg for the males.

2 or 3 weeks after, Thalia backed out as she will be having her Chi Running workshop held on the same day. Bronwyn is tentative, so that leaves me and Dot and Megan. Day after submitting our entries, John D. pulled a hamstring! so that leaves 3 for the males and 3 for the females. We did have to do an advertisement during the Handicap run who can join us. The female team seem to be alright, and Brendan was able to convince Jeff Marounga in place for John Dawlings.

I was not actually going to do the run because its a far bit from me thinking if John will go i can have a lift, but because of the changes, Brendan was happy to pick me and Martin up. Waited for Brendan at the rendezvous but its seem like we were waiting on the different parts of the park and my phone was acting up that his number was not showing in my mobile phone. Reset my phone check the missed call and i saw a unfamiliar number in my received and it was him, rang him and was able to meet at last! we picked Martin along Paramatta road then off we go. About 1 hour drive down south, i reckon. Talking bout injuries, women and cricket while i was continuously doing my stretch on right leg, which i injured last Saturday. (I took Andrea’s advice, took 2 Panadol before going to bed and LOTS of stretching and LOTS of heatie application and massaging and prayers that I’d be able to run when i wake up in the morning. I am in denial that I am not injured i know i was as it hurts.)

So when we entered the race venue at University of Western Sydney Macarthur Campus and the Campbelltown College of TAFE, Brendan was orienting me and Martin bout the profile of the route pointing the hills and directions telling us its going to be a two loop for 10KMs. On our way we saw the tall Jeff waiting for us, and Dot getting ready talking to the Hager sisters.

Got our packs, checked our bags in, did some stretching and Brendan took me and Martin for the warm up for the body and warm up for the mind to psyche and do the strategy when to go fast and learn where to do the best speed. And it is indeed a hilly race, Brendan thinks its not as hilly as Gladesville run. Just as we are going back its 5 minutes to gun fire. At start it was a bit annoying having the kids playing around in front which i was trying to get past through afraid of getting tripped over by them!

After 300 meters or so comes the hill towards the “off-road” track uphill, and uphill foot path. That’s where I lost the rugrats I am glad. I also did struggle going up the hill, You can tell that its difficulty as at the top of it is an ambulance with the medics waiting for someone to pass out. It was a race of hills after another. a few stretches just enough to get your breathing normalized for another hill! Concentrating and trying to convince my body that I am going to run that again one more time. As long as i can see the Hager’s sister’s back i told myself I will be okey (they are really fast runners!). I can remember being passed by a CoolRunning “nemesis” who is 70 years old! I think he has been trying to get pass through me eversince i passed through him on the Brighton run. I also got passed by Jeff, I was struggling (strange that i don’t feel the pain, maybe its the Panadol working – I drank one more tablet before leaving the house). Saw Megan who also has a swollen ankle slowing and stopping in one of he hills in the first loop where Bronwyn had left her. 2nd loop I did a fair bit walk up the hill as i can’t already run it, i was barely running it that it would make me walk faster. Had 3 water stops and around 3 runners passed me when i did the walk but able to gain back my position and overtake them which i am glad. And able to pass to Jeff. No one passed me after that and all i am aiming is to at least be very close to the lady runner ahead of me. I can see two females in front of me who belongs in the older age category.

I can here the announcements of people going through the finish chute, so i did my best to run quicker (I remembered Martin telling me I would get booted out of the ride if i don’t make it at 50mins. at least!). 8 more meters I already can here the Woodies cheering shouting my name. I did not look at my finish time, Greg who was watching at the finish chute timed it and got 51 mins something. Well i hope it is not over 51 minutes! We waited at the finish chute, where I was followed by Jeff, while Bronwyn was worried where Megan was and eventually we can see her going towards the chute and next by Dot.

towards the finish chute

towards the finish chute

It was a very hard run, being 4 minutes++ behind the 3rd place finisher in my age category! i Verdict by Brendan, this route has more difficult route profile in comparison to that of at Gladesville. It was a sunny day too so it was hot. No one got PBs as this is not the route you will be able to get your PB. Everybody got more time of what of has been expected.

Bronwyn, Michelle, Martin, meow

Woodies mocking around: Bronwyn, Michelle, Martin, meow

Greg, Martin, Jeff

Woodies mocking around: Greg, Martin, Jeff

Martin and Brendan

Woodies mocking around: Martin and Brendan

During the awarding ceremonies, where Athlete’s Foot was one of the Major sponsors, gave a lot of goodies, shoes, bags, gift certificates and 4 mountain bikes. Megan got 1st in her age category 16-19, Martin 2nd in 20-29, Bronwyn 2nd – 20-29, Dot 1st in 60 -69. AND we were able to grab the female group winner! So I know there were lots of good runners that day, I did not place somewhere in my age category but my aim from yesterday despite the injury not to let the Woodstock down. And so I am running for the love of Woodtstock. The male did not as far out the winner for the males are joined by elite runners. But we think it could have been that the Woodstock male are in 2nd place :).

Woodstock team - Winner Women's division

Woodstock team - Winner Women (me and Dot)

I did not feel the pain from what i felt Saturday, i think its the run that healed it (not until later that day i felt it being painful again). I am still deciding should i do a half mara next weekend which will be followed by another half the weekend after? dunno, let’s see how my right leg goes.

Event: Fisher’s Ghost Fun Run, Campbelltown, NSW
Distance: 10KM
Time: 51:23 (4th, 20-29)

Team (10KM – Female Winner):
Bronwyn Hager: 0:57:19 (1st, 16-19)
Runningcat: 0:51:23
Megan Hager: 0:46:03 (2nd, 20-29)
Dot Siepmann: 0:58:27 (1st, 60-69)
Net Time: 3:33:12

Results from the Campbelltown Joggers Club

The legend behind Fisher’s ghost

Frederick George James Fisher was born in London on 28 August 1792. He worked as a shopkeeper until, either innocently or deliberately, received forged banknotes through his business. because of it, On 26 July 1815 he was sentenced to 14 years transportation to Australia. Then in 1822 he applied for a ticket-of-leave and eventually got a property at Campbelltown.

In 1825 Fred had an argument with a local carpenter and received a light prison sentence. Worried about his farm, Fred gave his neighbour, George Worrall, power of attorney during his sentence. After his release, on 17 June 1826, Fred Fisher mysteriously disappeared and George Worrall announced that Fred had sailed for England. Three week’s later, George sold Fred’s horse and belongings. Needless to say the townspeople were suspicious!

About four months after his mysterious disappearance, a strange occurrence took place in a local hotel. On that memorable night, a wealthy and respectable farmer, John Farley, stumbled into a local hotel in a state of shock. John claimed he had seen the ghost of Fred Fisher sitting on the rail of a bridge over a creek. The ghost pointed to a paddock down the creek then faded away.

The body of Fred Fisher was later discovered in the paddock where the ghost had pointed. His brother buried him locally in St Peter’s Graveyard, however no headstone was erected.

On 17 September 1826, George Worrall was arrested on suspicion of Fred’s murder. During the trial George confessed – even through the tale of the ghostly sighting could not be told in court, as stories of the supernatural were not permitted in a court of law.

In a strange twist of fate, George Worrall is now buried at one of Australia’s most popular locations overlooking Sydney Harbour at The Rocks.

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  1. 10/11/2008 8:30 am

    I went through your blog and like the photos and how green and clean it is there. It seems you realy enjoy your time in (Woodstock?) Anyway, great blog… keep fit and keep it up.

  2. witchkitty permalink*
    10/11/2008 11:08 am

    Thanks Philip! I hope to meet you someday, maybe when i get back home for the Holidays. Most of the locals are very conscious of the environment here, but heat can be so HOT not very the same with the humidity warm weather in Manila.

  3. Brendan permalink
    13/11/2008 1:32 pm

    Hey running cat,

    great read!


  4. witchkitty permalink*
    15/11/2008 11:36 am

    Thanks Brendan!

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