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Woodstock Handicap Run #4’08: I had a busted gasket


630 *alarm* snooze … 635 *alarm* snooze … (adjusted alarm to 645) 645 *alarm*, hit the stop button, got up and dressed. 30 minutes later, found myself still in bed! its 7:15am, i was only dreaming getting up in bed!! Blood rushed to my head got up really quick, washed my face, brushed my teeth and dressed in my uniform. Woodstock handicap assembly time at 720am. No I don’t want to miss another Woodstock run i told myself. I still can make it if the run starts at 730, will run quicker in the bridge that is what i whispering myself in between swears.

Keys, check.
Coffee and handicap money, check.

So off I go left the house run towards Bret park, praying in my breath that they had not set off runners yet. reaching the assembly point i was relieved that Woodstock runners are still there. i did short stretching while chatting with the Woodstock mates. I nominated a time of 34:58 this time, referencing from the last Handicap run I attended. I was actually having second thoughts should I go fast or at a relax pace since I am running Sunday for the Fisher’s Ghost Fun run in Campbelltown.

So I queued waiting for my turn, I was behind Tami and Jeff. I was 2 seconds behind them. So off we go. I can remember passing them at the first 10 meters. Then few meters, i felt a tearing pain in my left muscles near the knees. Not now i prayed! I kept on running but i did feel i slowed down my pace. after a kilometer or two I felt the same pain i have been feeling on and off in my foot/leg joint (its not achilles tendon as its in front). I kept running and slowed down really bad. I had to stop i can’t take the pain. I stretched it, then walk then run. The paint would not just go away! I can remember i did a 3 more stops to do the routine stretch, walk. Slowing down at first time, i got passed by Tami, then Jeff. this is bad i told myself, i managed to at least pass Kazu and Fumi and i was even wishing to catch up Mark M! i know what’s going to happen, i m going to get passed through by most of the Woodies. (Thalia and Andrea thanks for checking if Im okey). I was frustrated, blaming the massage i had yesterday yet i did my very best with the pain. I passed thalia as she told she is on novice pace, and passed Bridget and Dot. I finished the race but I knew I did really bad.

So i learned. i was more than 2 minutes and 39 seconds over my nominated time (to make myself feel better a bit – At least I am still running at 5.22 pace!). There you go. So what went wrong to cause my gasket go busted? All i can think off is my race tomorrow. I don’t want to let the Woodstock down as i am lined up for the female team. All i can think to blame of is the massage, 1x leg press this week and less than 5 hours of sleep.

It was cloudy but good running conditions. Then rained when I got home after the coffee at Bowman’s. I had my rainy day today. Got home, had my desperate 1 hour stretching wishing the pain goes away, what’s left as I write this entry is my right calf! Running doctor Andrea says at first i should rest it for awhile, then i said i am racing tomorrow, she says, take pain reliever cold compress and run tomorrow! (Can you see the difference of the recommendation of a running doctor and a non-running doctor?)

Weather forecast tomorrow says fair weather with showers. Then it means let’s see.

Event: Woodstock handicap run #4 2008
Distance: 7KM
Time: 36.57


(Photos by Brendan Davies)



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  1. permalink
    08/11/2008 1:17 pm

    Take it easy Chaia. Just like bad hair days, you also get bad running days.

    5:19 pace and injured is still damn good!!

  2. witchkitty permalink*
    10/11/2008 3:51 am

    thanks Mark! I’ve corrected my time its actually 5.22 pace. Yea I’m going to take it easy . reduce a bit of the mileage, I’m too stubborn to go to a phsyio I am afraid that the doctor might say stop running. I will go insane!


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