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When you run …


Tuesday, I finished early from my testing with the customer not because the project was working fine, but we have issues that we can not do someting about outright.  So looking outside the window i was dreaming i would get at home and still catch the daylight.  Its suppose to be treadmill day, but running outdoor and breathing the fresh air excites me.

It was a fair weather day, cloudy and windy, not a beach weather but good running condition weather.  I was kept told by John D of Woodstock if i already did run the Rozelle Bay towards the Fish Market to the anzac bridge back home or wherever next!  So that day actually on my way to the customer site, everyday I pass the Anzac bridge and day dream of running the route John told me.  Oh guess what? I did not know i am running that route today!

Getting off the taxi really quick, computing the distance amd the time the sun goes down in my head i was telling myself i would make it before it goes dark at 8, maybe even an extra few kilometers around the bay.

Off I go, wow it was windy and chilly, thinking i made a mistake wearing my running shorts good i wore my long sleeves.  and i learned that the wind does have an effect when you are running.  just like on racing cars, that drivers drift behind another car or a plane to make the travel easier and save fuel.  And found out it is the same when running.  I was running uphill and the wind, oh boy! i was being swept! effort on my whole body forcing myself forward and my legs on the hill.

I often carry my iPod Shuffle when i do this route towards Rozelle bay but not this time.  Ive noticed that eversince i have not used my iPod when training made me faster.  i wonder why in some races they prohibit the use of iPods?  I did like it more not wearing them in races.  You hear your breathing and a runner trying to catch up with you, it either pushes you harder to run faster and or be aware someone to pace with.

When I ran i come accross a lot of walkers, runners and bikers.  I always tend to bow and look at the ground.  i am shy I dont look at them and say Hi.  Although sometimes it can happen when you try to stare.  There was one day a man I overtook at Iron cove bridge tried to pace with me and slowed me down, and after pacing and slowing me down he let me eat his dust! oh that runner!

And when you are running what do you do when you are not feeling at your best and you feel like passing gas! and you thought  you are running alone and just let go and suddenly someone is behind you? what do you do?

I end up running 11++Kms that day, it was nice.

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